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  1. 1998 DT466 complete, good used, not a core. Bought this frame cut all wired running motor with the intent of putting into my B. I've decided to go a different way. Engine is complete, wiring, turbo, radiator, everything. See link below to see the motor running before it was shipped to me. https://youtu.be/7MYACBMUA8k If you're in the Colorado / Wyoming Area I can look to help deliver.
  2. So let me be a bit more clear on the sleeving that was done. The steering input shaft into the box, the shaft itself had a pretty good groove on the sealing service. So where the bearing/seal was a grove was worn into the shaft, so I was able to just pull out the top section of the box and remove the input shaft. I had my machine shop lathe down the grove and we made a sleeve to ture up where the sealing surface was. So i don't disagree that the assemble / disassembly is part of the problem. To remove the top section, you have to remove the top poppet adjustment screw. Once I reassembled
  3. Hey Tom -- Good catch on the B55. This is my mistake, and I keep making the typo everywhere. The Truck is a Mak B-53. The reason I keep doing the typo of B-55 is that was the truck number from the concrete company. B-55 is just stuck in my head cause all the paperwork, the original numbering on the truck was B-55. Sorry for the confusion there. I now see I made the same typo in my profile as well.... --Josh
  4. Thanks, I will try and get out tomorrow and see if I can do that. The weather here is supposed to hold nice so can get some pics and run it without the link. With taking the drag link off. You looking to see if it is providing any power assistance? Putting adding opposite pressure? Doing nothing? All of the above?
  5. I was just looking through my albums to see, and I don't think I do. I will need to take some. Only ones I could find are the pics I took of the steering box end cap to get the model info from. Will need to take some pics...
  6. Correct. inside the frame rail. The Truck is a B55 and was originally ordered as a cement truck. There are some guesses as to where this steering box came from, as I said might be off of an R, or the guy who I bought the truck from thinks it came that way. Anyone who has seen it, and knows B models always tells me that it isn't original.
  7. Correct, the box that is in, we tried pulling out. But it looks like the previous owners (A cement company here in Northern CO) might have put in a steering box that was out of an R model. When trying to drop it from the frame, it hits the engine block. We would have to lift and shift the engine out to pull the box. We tried doing this a while back ago, and when we realized what it was really going to take we just bolted everything back in place.
  8. Hello! I haven't posted anything in a very long time. A few reasons for that but the short story is I have been struggling with my truck in a few ways, and she is not getting driven. As you know, when things sit, they start to deteriorate, and my truck is no exception. One of the biggest reasons I have not been driving my truck is the steering. I have problems with the poppets, and I am either way to stupid to figure out to adjust them correctly, or there is more going on with my steering box then I know. In short, I can't turn left, unless Popeye is driving. She fights me the entire turn
  9. Been thinking about replacing the END673 out of my B53. There is nothing wrong with it now, just no real power to speak of... That said, this motor has been floating around criagslist for awhile : http://denver.craigslist.org/pts/5418223745.html Looks like a E6? I e-mailed the guy asking for the block numbers. Didn't know what you guys thought. Also not sure if it is worth the $1500... Thoughts?
  10. Hello! I am need of some wiper parts for my B model. What I need is the wiper mounts (wiper pivot assembly) that mount on the cab. So far all I have found are the modern ones, need a right and left on for my B. I have a good motor, and linkage, just need the pivot assemblies. Thanks! Here is a picture of the modern versions, but give you a idea of what I am looking for.
  11. B615rich - thanks! Just curious, what tipped you off that it is a B55?
  12. thomastractorsvc - Thanks. Basically you said it. Local shows, camping and general hauling. I am looking to get a pop-up camper I can put on the bed from time to time. Building this truck was just to do something a bit different, and still try to make it very functional. I still need to wrap up the interior of the cab and sleeper, almost there, just finishing odds and ends.
  13. Took the truck on it's first shake down ride. Truck did great. I need more practice at shifting... The throttle was sticking a bit and not letting me drop the revs low enough to get in gear. Lubed up the linkage to fix the problem, but made for a couple grinding shifts... I was able to land a load! Hauled a dump truck for my daughter...
  14. Looking really good. I am glad you were able to give it a good home.
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