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  1. We drag stuff like that down here, with a farm tractor, its called a pasture groomer,,no wait,,, a shredder or brush hog. It mows all the weeds and briars and grass and lil trees (and occasionally a possum or clumsy farmer). Ifn you groom the pasture, you can chase hogs cross it a lil faster. The only moguls we got round here though are just the filthy rich bastards. randyp

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  2. what's a trail groomer? You have to make a snowmobile trail with them before the snowmobile will go?

    I never heard of a trail groomer either, sounds like something sexual. Oh wait Trail Groomer, not Tail Goober,,,nevermind, still never heard of it. randyp

  3. I dont know nuttin bout cutting and pasting, cant even member where it was on here, but this would be appropiate time for somebody to re-post that small picture of the Vinster "abusing" himself again. Funniest thing i ever did see! randyp

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  4. I cringe at the thought of some camel jockey in Zimbobwe, or Skinny in Mogadishu scratching and cramming at the gears with a big wad of Kat in his jaw, or the thought of a giant 16 yard load of poppies headed for the cocaine factory, then the U.S. Its scary to think if we do get them back, it will be melted down and in the form of an artillery shell or dirty bomb. Keep em here! randyp

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  5. Yep, you definitely get a good day's exercise in on a direct drive machine. I've put in a few hours on them and loved it. My next goal is to learn to run a dragline... Just haven't had the opportunity yet.

    I did actually get to dig and dump 5 buckets on big giant B&E dragline one night on the graveyard shift with no big bosses around. Operator was so nervous bout it, thas all he let me have. I understand his concern though, boom as long as a football field, 120 yard bucket, any screwups going on him. They are very simple to operate though. However, one mistake can cost millions. randyp

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