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  1. Yeah, it sure can make a mess of things, up to now, been fighting dust, now its mud time. I usually just rent a pump, its cheaper, costing bout $70.00 a day, but I dont have to maintain it and trip over it when dont need it. Our rainfall totals here hit bout 7 or 8 inches yesterday. It really did come down. Nice and cool this morning though,,62! Have a good weekend,,randyp

  2. But....won't the rain fill the pond up......?

    Well,,,yeah,,,but, but,,,well,,maybe the moron dint want it filled up yet, I dont know who the moron was, mind you. Just saying, dont have a clue who it is. Now hes prolly gonna have to pump it back out,,and ,,and ,,wait for rain again,,(27 more months),,can I get back with you on this? (hmm,,hes got a point there,,rain equals water,,and ponds need water). hmmm,,interesting theory,,randyp

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  3. With that machine, you can turn a molehill into a mountain!

    Always liked watching rippers in action.

    Rippers were fun, unless you were on coal, or rock, or something hard,,wait,,guess thas why they make rippers though,,If I had my rathers, would rather just rip clay, or maybe the whole world just be made outta beach sand, Florida beach sand preferably,,,randyp

  4. Nah, i kept the 80 R. I had it for sale while I was ailing, seems like all that ever called was peoples from Nigeria. Im throwing dirt in it again, it and the 86 are hauling a pond. Both are running fine, the 80 is air conditioned and its working real fine! They are both pulling some grunt holes with dirt falling off both sides, dern, its hard to beat those funny looking upsides down rear end punkins off in the dirt! I will have to get some pics of them laboring. randyp

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