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  1. Alright you big dumb stupid pine tree, this area is slated for future industrial growth, which means, this place gotta look like a "Walmart" parking lot. Your time is up,,(I think) Dr. randyp,,,tree surgeon


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  2. Gonna bite the bullet and load it up Friday and haul it to our local track service shop and at least get new pins, bushing and sprockets, just that much is 3 grand. Friend of mine owns the place and said he would give it a good evaluation but thought I would prolly be ok with at least that. If not, the whole shebang, rollers, new chains, idlers, complete replacement runs 8 grand. woof! Oh well, it is what it is. randyp (the p stands for poorer now)

  3. Sure Right about tracks being deadly had a few close calls myself . amazed I still have all my digits weather they work or not ...lol (those who know my situation get that joke ..lol)

    we used to do our own undercarriage work ( only thing we didn't mess w/ was putting new pads on rails we let undercarriage shop in Memphis do that for us)

    I Never minded dealing w/ pulling old undercarriage off & putting new on as we had most everything to do it with including a railroad hammer & 20 lb sledge hammer to help knock master pins in & out with.

    I always liked the alligator clip style rails over the master pins . get the rails lined up , put the pad on & bolt it down .

    But I always would rather take a country ass whoopin than put a slipped track back on . I Used to invent cuss words while putting a slipped track back on ...lol

    GG: We had a manual thumb on our track hoe as we done a lot of clearing work.

    never had a hyd thumb but those manual thumb was handy esp when doing undercarriage work . ;)


    I agree, They never seem to come off on a nice clean level dry spot with an overhead crane and maybe a Burger King next door. I had the brush grapple on the bobcat and it came in super handy, course excavator was priceless also,,weather just sucked. randyp
  4. if you ever put a hyd thumb on that machine you wouldn't know what you ever did with out on before, even a hyd. over manual one. I use mine all the time and when its not thumb time its magnet time. found pic of broken thumb and my hyd. magnet.

    That is nothing short of super cool GG!!! I want one! randyPPPPPPPP
  5. Randy,knowing your situation from earlier conversations here on BMT I commend you for what you are doing with Daniel,every boy needs a father figure/role model,and I think he's got a pretty damn good one!...............I'm proud to call you my friend!.......Mark

    Thank you very much my friend, that means a lot. randyp
  6. Glad to see you got the track back on . Myself , my grandfather & his small crew has been in that situation w/ a few pieces of equipment .

    Seem like they always slip off in the worst places .

    Never No fun when a track slips off & its hell getting back on esp when your by yourself .


    I had a good helper, we stayed on the same page and still got all our fingers and toes,,tracks can be deadly randy----(lil p)
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  7. Sounds like to me maybe the "P" stands for Perseverance? not giving up when there's a problem? stick with it and get it done,thats the difference!...................................Mark

    Thank you Mark!! You always see the good side of things! Now I feel better, not any less sore or greasier,,,but better! randy---(half a p, but coming back)
  8. what did you do , wreck your thumb on the exc. ifin you did I will take back the pro remark. I did the same thing but tore the face of the boom . that's what happens when you pick a 53' flatbed and one side hits the pile while your moving it.

    Yeah GG, I told you I lost my "Pro" status, I wadded that thumb up a while back, loading cement slabs. I gotta repair it, using lil heavier steel, or find some lighter cement (and I don't look for that to happen). I actually was being pretty careful with it, and then got stupid (or stupider) and boomed stick boom out just a lil too far with a really big chunk. I bleeeve its called "Surpassing the structural integrity". I really miss it, gotta fix it, handier than horns on a goat,,oops,,did I say that? randy----(sniff,,,I miss my p)
  9. Cousin Other Dog says the P in my name stands for "Professional". I may have let him down today. 28 degrees this morning, freezing rain, occasional sleet, wind, etc, and I decide to bottle ass off to a Siberian mud bog on dozer and manage to sling a track. I don't even know why I was out there today.


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  10. I dint get foot controls, I hate then too. Its got hand controls and with the flip of a switch, you can change the pattern of them. I have it set on the old "case skid steer pattern" randyp

    oops,,sorry, I had that backwards, I got the control button set so the left lever is steer and direction and right lever is up, down, tilt, etc, I think salesman said that was call the H Pattern? I don't remember,,randyp


  11. That Confucius fellow prolly never had a "real" job anyway, He had a lotta time to sit around and think I guess. He musta been a pretty fart smeller,,,smart feller anyway.----?----randyp 2-9-14

  12. Maybe you just weren't pulling hard enough of the dump lever, I cant bleeve a dispatcher would lie. Just pull harder, take off while its up and hit 7 or 9 big bumps. Dammit young'un, am I going have to come up there and show you how to dump? (and pull power lines down?) sheeit,,,randyp

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