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  1. I'm not sure what the Jehovah's Witness religion is all about either. We see them, usually on a Sat morning once or twice a year. They are always cordial, especially if they want to talk about old trucks. Randy P, I think I was near your area a few years ago. I have a friend in Mt Pleasant that deals in antique Cadillac parts. Harry

    Yes Harry, Im bout 18 miles south of Mt Pleasant,,,sprawling metropolis of 2500 town of Daingerfield. randyp

  2. Well Lads, He called me today. He is starting out at 4 grand right now,,,but negotiations are in the early stages, film at eleven. Oh,,,sorry,,Thats 4 grand for the truck, not the girl, haven't negotiated with her,,,,,,,,,(yet). Anyone interested, let me know and can get you a contact number,,,again, for the truck, not the girl. randyp

  3. I had a little spare time and the weather is finally better so I got the Superliner out of the shed this afternoon, and took a photo. Then I backed her inside again and I changed a damp wheel seal and decided to pull the drain plugs on the rear ends and let them drain overnight. Oil was dirty but no metal in it so if I get a chance tomorrow I'll put a little Lucas and fresh gear oil back in.

    Ahhh,,,a fellow Lucas believer! I bleeve in that stuff, even pour a lil on my cheerios in the morning, never have impacted turds anymore,,,just slide right on out,,,randyp

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  4. This particular specimen im sitting on cant go to any mills around here,,gonna have to burnt or buried,,,almost 5 ft in diameter,,,we don't have carriages that big down here,,,damn redneck sawmills,,,randyp


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