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  1. heh heh ,,I must be getting old, shouldn't tell this on myself, I forgot my password, tried all I could think of, no luck. It came to me in a dream other night though,,, so lo and behold! It worked! I need to dream I won the lottery now,,(while I was "riding" that girl in the T-shirt pic earlier in this post). Ahl be bock,,,randyp

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  2. Hi GG,, started out with a million gallon oil storage tank pad, then its been berms, dikes, clearing and turning 7 acres into a parking lot, demo a couple buildings, hauling bunch gravel in, compacting,,,etc. I guess it will be a year next month. Its been real good pay, steady work. Good to hear from you, enjoy holiday,,,,randyp

  3. Hey Paul! That sure ain't a Texas hog,, ours down here got routers bout 2 feet long, and can tear up more pasture than a John Deere tractor. I shortened ones snout bout a week ago though, was walking along a creek looking for arrow heads and he came trotting down dry creek bed toward me, had trusty .357 on my hip,(learned my lesson bout being unarmed there a good while back) anyways, I went into one them "Indian squats", got me a good squinty aim, he got to bout 15 yards from me, and I put one right into that oversize snooter of his whilst he was looking dead toward me trying to pick up my scent. He dropped like a big sack of taters. His smelling and breathing days are over, now he's just laying there smelling bad. Have good holiday, good to hear from you,,randyp

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  4. Well sorry I missed call slpwlker, woulda been an honor to buy your lunch. Try again if you get this way again. I been seeing load after load of giant cat end dumps coming through here, just the frames and engines of course. Doing dirt work at Lone Star, bunch times I can't answer my phone, all them white hat big wigs eyeballing me while pushing dirt and they really squeal when you stop or slow down, kinda be glad to get that done and move on, been there almost a year, been good steady income though. Its sorta mentally straining though, and my mental capacity is dwindling,, along with my patience. heh hehe,,, got one out there that I'm getting bout ready to tell him where he can stick that fancy clean white hard hat, along with his tie. Good to hear from y'all,, have good labor day and week,,,randyp

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  5. Thanks very much all my good friends! Ed, miss p and boy child are all fine, she started to retire this year, I told her to get her CDL before she did that, I need a hand, for some unknown reason, she said she would prolly just work another 84.5 years at school instead of jumping on opportunity to be around me all day,,humph,,,,strange woman!! Daniel is all tied up in football season and doing real good,, y'all all hang in there,, cooler weather is on the way! randyp

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  6. I was checking things out at our local Ritchie Bros. auction.

    I wanted to share a pic of a Cat D11N. It was very cool, I have never seen a dozer that size.


    I looked up some specs on line to go along with it.

    2105.3 cubic inch, 3508 - 8 cylinder engine, produces 770 HP

    weight - 211304 lbs compared to a D9N - 93789 lbs ( don't think that includes the ripper,but not sure)

    Spent many a long lonely 12 hr night on one of them, going back and forth, back and forth,,,always kept slot deep enough to hold me in so I could get a short nap in reverse,,,randyp

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