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  1. Well, I pondered on this lil electronic problem your having, tossed and turned, scratched my head, (under my tin foil night cap) and sounds to me like you need to install a sine wave inverter converter, put a runout gauge on your capacitor to check tolerances, bleed excess air offn your slave cylinder, dilute 2 gallons lectra clean with one quart ammonia and dump over entire system and blow dry with 145 P.S.I of R134A refrigerant. I hope this solves your problem, if not, let me know and i will scratch my head some more. I have the blackboard in my orifice full of eequations trying to solve this,,,as usual,,,no charge. Dr. randyp

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  2. ITs a difficult job, ifn waters not sitting level, you have to drain pond and get motor grader on bottom and smooth it up nice and level. Ifn the bottoms not flat, water wont sit flat. i dont know how yall has ever made it on here without my scientific advice and thesis. Dr, randyp

  3. No, it should never need calibrating. A laser is gonna squirt out in a straight line regardless of anything. If anything, be more careful with the detector, its what gets dropped or throwed around the most since its mounted on the stick.. The Bosch will come in a hard case with a place for everything, and its a well built case also. I have broken a coupla detectors, but they dont cost all that much to replace. randyp

  4. Nah,,I wouldnt mess with it. Somebody famous said,,"Torque wins races, not horsepower". I will side with Larry above, ifn you want to feel underpowered, come down to Texas and tow a bulldozer with Killer B. Get the dern CDL! Randyp

  5. What do you think N.Y. style hot dogs are?

    Well, I am almost positive they are U.S.D.A. positively 100% pure virgin (never eaten), closely inspected by a Puerto Rican named Juan, (who has never tried to stick his pecker in a side of beef), lo-fat, lo cholesterol, high protein, tightly grained american meat from Somalia! That has to be it! randyp
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