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  1. Thank you vewwwy, vewwwy much Other Tom Dog! My first taste was on a pork loin, and I think its the best batch to date! I will be your marketing director, since i have also discovered it cures "swine flu". Lemme see now, smells delicioso, tastes tantalizingly tasty, perfect heat, good balance, excellent color, cures flu, (all types), insomnia, muscle aches and pains, coughing, VD, herpes, well, I have no doubt it would even be a good oil additive, prolly put Lucas out of bidness. Good Job Other Tom,,,thanks,,,randyp

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  2. Where you been? Hope you had a good Christmas. Haven't heard any good lagoon stories....or fables of a giant hog either

    Im still hanging in here, had flu all through Christmas, now am fighting borderline pneumonia. I havent felt much like chasing any hogs, or choking any buzzards to death. I trust all had good holidays. randyp

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  3. Well it is many reasons though. New EPA laws, new local laws and permits for salvage and storage. Higher insurance costs for my equipment and shop, workers comp, Pollution bonds for some village and townships, brought about from the Sandy clean up. New taxes for healthcare, earnings and inventory. I couldn't do one job because I couldn't get all the permits to remove a dozen scrub oaks! A permit to cut down a weed tree! Dealing with the "do good" groups and the Not in my Back Yarders" The final nail was with the toll increases by the MTA and NYC, it now costs more in tolls ( just a bit over $200 ) to round trip to Port Newark than fuel and they are going up 7 to 12% more again in Feb. I'm keeping one truck and my small trailer and a helper. Paul

    Sorry to hear that Paul, me, Im selling out too. Had enough of this shit. Gonna take it all to auction, go sit on a streetcorner somewhere and just twiddle my thumbs and whatever else comes up. obama has completely wrecked this country. Im taxed out my ass, now they gonna increase them too. F##k it, Im done and outta here. randyp

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  4. Years ago, one very cold wintry night, low 20s, working night shift in strip mine, driving giant Cat gazillion ton belly dump coal hauler, rounded a long sloping curve, (with my shitty lights of course), engine wide open, fm radio blasting ZZ Top wide open, heater on full blast, when what should appear in my shitty lights?!!? Yes lads, it was a whole herd of them pork rascals milling round dead in my sights! Must been bout 20 all massed like they was trying to huddle for heat or sumpin. Well, I just barreled right smack through midst of them, had window cracked a lil, and swear I heard some popping noises as truck and trailer went through them. I dumped at crusher and headed back and all I seen when I got back was clouds of steam coming off what looked like buncha hairy door mats spread all over haul road. I think I limited out on hog that night, my biggest kill to date. randyp

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  5. I wonders how that poor hitchiking lady launders the brown stain outta the back side of her panties,,,er,,strap,,,er thong dong. I have a lotta trouble getting skid marks outta mine and was just wondering. (dont get no ideas,,,my underwear, not my thong) randyp

  6. Me and the grandson hunted most of the day out of the pigmobil looking for that big rascal. We had several places "baited" for him, but, alas, he still eludes us. Sooner or later, we will get him. His days are numbered. Will prolly have to have a camera with wide angle lense to get alll him in the picture. We always get our hog. randyp

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