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  1. Ok, you got another. Mack EF Ser #EF1S 8210 Oct 16 1948 Engine; Mack EN290. I tracked this truck for 12 years through 3 owners before i got it. It ran at one point when I saw it but now it's sort of stuck. It turns partially but won't go over, Probably a stuck valve from sitting. It was shipped with a dump box but now is just a chassis cab. The body and frame are in vg condition because the stone co. that owned it most of it's life shut down in the winter. I was thinking of a Cummins B series transplant and a old style rounded utility body to make a hauler for my antique engines. Bob
  2. Jim, some of us will take great interest in your post as the National Historic Construction Equipment show is in Conn. this year. My 60 B mack dump has NY historical plates for 25,900 and i don't have a cdl. from what you said I should be fine driving to the show. Can you steer me to some state regs I can point out to any "bubble gum chewing, buzz cut. rookies" who may not be as educated as you are? In NY you cant get historical plates for a trailer. If someone has a historical tractor and a regular trailer are they still ok in CT? Thank. Bob
  3. I just picked up a "new" 237 to replace the ailing one in my B61. I got the engine from someone I trust and it supposedly has low hour and runs good. I know it came out of a wrecker so that makes sense. The motor has been sitting in the truck for at least 10 years with no more running that to move it around the yard. I have some tine before I have to drop it into my truck so I was wondering what you all thought should be done while it's on the stand and easy to get to. I don't think I need to pull the heads or crank but was thinking about changing all the other gaskets. What about changing the oil pump while the pan is off? Any other problem spots or better check areas while it's out? Bob H
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