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  1. I saw that one a couple of days ago, opening temp. is 155F. But as I'm not using shutters on my truck, this opening temp would be to low... Thanks for the tip anyway Steve! Jeroen
  2. Thanks Mike! WATT'S is indeed selling a replacement thermostat. I will contact them about shipping prices etc. NAPA won't ship outside the 48 contiguous United States... So I have to go with WATT'S There is an original 155F thermostat for sale, but I'm not sure that would give me a correct engine temp... Jeroen
  3. I found that my thermostat on my 673P is completly gone. It's partnumber is: 657GC225-P2 opens at 170F. Does anyone know some replacement manufactures including partnumbers? I know there is a P1 version that opens at 155F, but is there also one with a higher opening temp.? Thanks! Jeroen
  4. Hello, Im about to overhaul a 673P engine. So I need all parts to do that, (sleeves, rings, bearings etc) Where do you guys think I can get these parts the best way? Cheers, Jeroen
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