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  1. Thanks John. BTW That is one beautiful B75, I heve never seen one that nice. Very Classy.
  2. Will an ENDT 673 C fit in a B-model? I was looking at a 1968 R611 today, that had this engine a duplex and 4.25 ratio rear. The starter is in the same place as my B61 steering box. Any way to get around this? Thought I'd run the single axle R model with a 5yd dump box until I can get the B model further along(rewire, new airlines and paint/ body). Then change out the engines, as the R611 cab is rusty sagging and bent.
  3. I'd buy one if the price was even close to the fiberglass ones. I'd prefer all shiny, but would buy one and paint to match if the quality was OK.
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