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  1. gas prices bite! who thinks they get the worst gas milage and the most expensive tank to fill? what does a b series mack usualy get for gas milage?
  2. with a cracked engine block could you just weld it for a temporary use until you get another engine?
  3. no im from new york and the money thing shouldnt be too bad i mean other than the gklass and the engine thats possibley all i need,i dont realy want it restored just as it is would be fine i like the way it looks.well yeah tires brakes,cables so it would get expensive but thats ok for i have many years to get the money
  4. for the past 2 years i have liked a b-42 mack tandem axel dump truck located in a junkyard near my home it needs the back window and the 3 of the door glasses replaced,half the seat,engine block is cracked,has minor surface rust on the fenders and the box needs to be repaired a bit. its going for 2,000 dollars and i want to know if i should buy this truck i dont plan on dumping a bunch of money into it beacuse for some weird reason i like the wore out look it has is it worth the sale price...and why is there no rust on it-rotted through- any where? lead paint maybee?
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