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  1. Try as I might, I’m struggling to find a shift pattern decal for my R700. It is a1976 model (Aussie) and has the TRTXL107 Maxitorque gearbox. It’s the Direct gearbox, not the later model overdrive one. I’m trying to find a shift pattern decal for it. So far, I have only found ones for the overdrive box. Any ideas folks?
  2. Does anyone know the whereabouts of this old R797RS? Last seen in Brisbane about 5 years ago. I would like to acquire it if it still exists for sentimental reasons....... Any help would be appreciated. Rod
  3. My father's Macks from the 1970's
  4. Barry, Your truck was a bit unusual at the time in having a Cummins engine fitted. Most Macks back then had Mack engines, however the Cummins and Cats started to make inroads from the late 70's. Mack were reluctant to fit anything bigger than a 350 Cummins as they couldn't fit a big enough radiator under the R700 bonnet. The introduction of the Superliner bonnet allowed them to fit bigger radiators and therefore bigger non Mack engines. I know that Mack wouldn't build a R700 with a KT450 Cummins (you could get one in a KW) due to the radiator size. If my memory serves me correctly, the radiator in a R700 was 1200 sq inches max. and the larger Cummins engines needed 1400 sq inches ( is that correct Jeff?) I don't recall any Macks having a GM factory fitted back then (Jeff do you know of any?). You could tell the R700's that had non Mack engines usually by the Air Cleaner size. Non Mack engines had smaller diameter Donaldsons fitted as your truck does Barry. Regards Rod
  5. Yes Jeffro..That was "The Spirit of Adventure II" . Dad's first Mack was a R685RS which was traded in on the R797RS. I believe the R700 was being used around Brisbane in recent years, so I have the feelers out to see if indeed she still exists. I have many photos of it but my favourite is the pic in the Bulldog Bulletin which I will try and scan and put on the site here.
  6. I remember seeing this truck in Darwin when I was a kid. My Dad had a R797RS in those days and I remember your truck having a Cummins engine (and this article in the magazine). It was a bit unusual to see one with a Cummins in it. I am trying to find Dads old R700 for myself. It had the same sleeper cab as yours originally did. Have fun with the resto..I look forward to seeing the progress. regards, Rod Preston
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