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  1. In the process of getting a rebuild kit now
  2. I found the problem. It is the fan clutch. I thought it was locked on all the time but I test drove it n it kicked out n the clutch is so worn I almost put the fan through the radiator. Apparently it was kicking out every now and then n when it did kick on it was slipping
  3. It might just be free wheeling because it doesn't look like its spinning very hard
  4. Thank you. I'll get right on it in the daylight
  5. Yes the fault code reads ASET EGR
  6. EGR fault. the phone auto corrected the text
  7. No I didn't have the heat on. I turned it to cold because it was still warming the cab with the fan off. Right before I picked up the truck they were working on the EGR. I now have ANGER fault as well
  8. Sorry. I'm new at this n I didn't know how to answer back. I guess my answer went back out as another reply to my own question. 

  9. Thank you. Today was my first day on the road with it. The fan stays engaged all the time. I shifted down twice on a mile long hill n was running at 1400 rpm when it heated right up n the shutdown came on
  10. I have an 07 mack vision with an E7 427. It bobtails fine but when I put a load behind it, it overheats n shuts down. Could it be thermostat?
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