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  1. Question for the group:

    I've never seen the fit up of these body panels in-person and close up.  Lots of pictures online, but none that are giving me a good view about what I should expect to see between the hood edge and the triangle piece on top of the fender.  My assumption was that the hood would close down over the lip of that triangular panel, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Is it normal to have a gap or "loose" fitment there?  If you have a B60, can you send me a picture of how your's fits? Thanks!

    Mack Hood Fit up.jpg

  2. 4 hours ago, mrsmackpaul said:

    Friegthliner certainly looks differnt than the before photo 


    Car looks like Dame Edna wearing and her glasses, google it, you'll see whqt I mean

    All exciting now as things go back together

    Thanks for update




    Just looked up Dame Edna!  Love it!  The Chrysler is my favorite vehicle.  Rides like a boat.  Always exciting to bring her out in the spring and sad to tuck her away for the winter.

  3. 3 hours ago, Red Horse said:

    Wow-nice work!  do you have a Crickut cutter or some sort of CNC that does film???

    We have a professional vinyl cutter (US Cutter brand).  Basically a CNC for vinyl film, yes.  It doesn't print, only cuts, but it has saved us thousands in the years that we've had it.  We can do a lot of our own detailing on bikes, cars, trucks, karts, etc...  It's what I used to cut the detail on the doors, too.

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  4. 1 hour ago, mowerman said:

    Yes all those little panels look terrific I am not sure about it but I thought we figured out  we have the same birthday mine is Sunday I’ll be 65 hopefully were barbecuing ribs so the old lady says Ha ha ha let’s see what happens right work girl Again thanks for keeping us posted those body parts look excellent... bob

    Yes!  We share a birthday!  I'm 43 on Sunday.  I'm just hoping not to cook that day!!  Ribs sound great. 🤩

  5. 33 minutes ago, mrsmackpaul said:

    Looking  good


    So the pin striping on the Freightliner, was it painted or stuck on vinyl ? 

    Lot of these jokers on here wouldn't mind seeing that either, so dont be shy to share pictures of the Freightliner as well 




    We masked it off three times for paint with some pretty complex designs and I detailed it out with vinyl.  I will share pictures when it's done! 🤩

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  6. 4 hours ago, Brocky said:

    I am glad to see you are OK and found some computer time to advise us of your VERY BUSY family life..  Thanks for the update and pictures..

    Also here is the contact info for Dave Zsido who may have some more info on the history of your truck:: 3 Haywood Ave, Rutland VT 05701   802-775-6576


    I did reach out to Dave Zsido last month!  He connected me with someone in Brattleboro.

  7. Getting closer and closer!  The white paint has a few places that need some attention.  I think we got an incorrect P sheet and the mix ended up a little thin, so I have a couple of runs, but nothing that can't be leveled out and buffed back. I'm attacking the nose piece next!

    On another note: do you have a bed liner or undercoat type paint that you love? Matte black, textured.  I'm going to paint the rocker under the door around the back - stepping up just to the bottom of the three "panels".  The rockers had to be completely reconstructed and there are visible weldments. The lower portion of the back of the cab had been repaired multiple times (for function only).  Since we're putting a custom bed on her, it made sense to not worry about a pristine repair back there, and I think and undercoat paint will be perfect.  


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  8. My husband had a delivery to do today and my kiddo was able to play outside with his cousin, so I was solo all day on bodywork - and friends, I gotta say, the final detailing of the cab came out better than I planned!  A quiet day with no other obligations proved to be super productive!  I shot rattle can primer/builder over my work and tonight we got another layer of high build primer sprayed before calling it a night.  Even my husband was impressed. 🤩

    So, the cab will be in her top coat tomorrow morning!  

    Feelin' like a million bucks!

    Most recent pictures load first (except the first two, which were at the beginning of the day today): https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/


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  9. 1 hour ago, Brocky said:


    Thank you for keeping us posted with your progress, your family is doing great work, especially the  fine pictures.. I have been following it from the start..

    What I am most impressed with is that your truck is a FAMILY project!! That you have motivated your son to be involved shows us the loving your family has in all of its life. You can be sure that he will value this truck as the "family truck" until he becomes an old man..


    Thank you for following along and for the support!  Our son has grown up surrounded by cool projects since he was an infant.  His first visit to the shop was at seven days old.  Shortly after, we put a swing in the shop and he would swing for hours and hours observing projects come to life: boats, planes, jet cars, motorcycles, all kinds of things - as soon as he was old enough to help out, he's been on it! He's got a lot of creativity and natural talent in mechanical and engineering ability, so we foster it as much as we can!  Although my Mack has made it to #3 on his list of favorite trucks in our "fleet", I'll be hard pressed to top his obsession with our old GMC dump truck "Dumpy" - that one is his passion!  He is looking forward to riding around in the Mack, though - and he's a good helper!  😄

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