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  1. Evidence of spinning parts! Last night's pictures are now in the gallery: https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  2. Good News: We got her running tonight! Enough to feel confident about proceeding with the project. Wondering if anyone knows about or has exhaust and intake manifolds for this engine?? Both of mine are cracked. My husband is a master welder and welding instructor and isn't confident that they can be welded. Here's the gallery I'm building of our progress. I'll upload pictures from tonight sometime tomorrow. https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/ Thanks for the lead on spark plugs @Maddog13407!
  3. Recommendations for spark plugs that this engine needs/wants?
  4. Good news! We put a big bar on it last night and ratcheted pressure on it overnight and let the Marvel work. This morning it turned over (by hand)! So now...do we have to put the governor back on, or will the truck run without it?
  5. Got the truck in the shop over the weekend. Tonight we got her up on jack stands, took off the wheels and got to work. Our understanding is that the truck had run within the last handful of years. No reason not to believe the person we bought it from as we have a good working relationship. Someone had done some work in recent years (evidence including fresh fluids, spark plugs, etc..) but it had been outside exposed to the elements when we purchased it. Tonight we confirmed that the air system can hold air with just some minor leaks (still all copper lines) and we managed to get all th
  6. We are wondering if these trucks are usually 12V and negative ground? Pulling her in the shop this weekend!
  7. Awesome! Thanks so much for this information. The official work begins this weekend when we roll her into the shop. The "crew" is ready to get that Thermodyne running!
  8. We got her off the trailer, and towed her up our hill and into the driveway last night.
  9. My mirror brackets are just like the ones in your picture.
  10. A successful recovery mission! All the body panels fit nicely in the back of my Chevy van. Let the fun begin! I'm excited about the prospect of having an older truck than I originally speculated. After looking at these pictures, if anyone has further insight into her age, let me know. I'm still trying to locate a chassis serial number.
  11. Exciting to think I might have an older truck than I originally thought!
  12. I looked tonight and couldn't see anything. Can you tell me more specifically where I might look on the rear end rail?
  13. Hello everyone, You didn't scare me off 🤣. I wasn't getting notifications of responses to my post. Thank you for responding! I think we're going to try to go and bring the truck home tomorrow. We treated her to some Marvel Mystery Oil a few weeks back and brought the carb home. Carb is now clean, free, and happy. Looks like the truck was originally Mack green exterior. The interior was also green. We believe (based on accessories loaded with the body) that she originally had a dump body. Yes, she has a Thermodyne gasoline engine and a 10 speed duplex transmission
  14. Thank you! I think we're going to attempt to bring the truck home tomorrow!
  15. Ha! I sat in my B60 last night for the first time, the seats are out, so I was sitting on a plastic tote - and realized the same thing - it's going to be cozy! (I'm 6').
  16. I'm getting ready to take on my B60T project! We think it might be a 1963, but I'm going to attempt to get more information via the Mack Museum using the serial number. Does anyone know if that is possible right now? Also wondering about recommended sites and sources for parts. We've got a good "shop family" with competent and experienced mechanics and fabricators - but this will be our very first Mack project. The frame is in great shape and the body is surprisingly sound. Fingers crossed that the original Thermodyne engine comes to life with some TLC.
  17. Hey there, I'm SJ from Vermont. My husband and I have been adventuring, building, fabricating, and bringing new dreams and old junk to life for - a lifetime really. He's a welder/fabricator/mechanic/operator/driver/land speed racer/air show pilot. I'm a visionary and designer who has learned a lot along the way! Along with a talented crew of friends, we've combined our creativity and talents to bring some cool projects together. From a land speed streamliner, to a custom jet car, old motorcycles, to airplanes - we love our projects! Our recent truck projects include a 1974 Peterbilt a
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