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  1. The bottom cushion of the driver's seat was clearly not made at the same time as the other cushions. It was evident before I got to this tag, although the exterior was a near perfect match. Based on the condition of the back cushion, I suspect it had worn through and was replaced with this one. I sent some pictures over to Royersford Spring Company - still in business in Pennsylvania and got the attached response.
  2. Hello! It's been a week a good progress! I finished the door jambs and am working on painting the last section of frame - to be done today. We were able to get into the wheels, pulled bearings and seals and got things cleaned up. Brakes are good, so that's a relief. My husband got the hitch receiver welded in so we can wrap up the back of truck, too. This weekend I took the driver seat apart. The springs and boards are in great shape, so I'm now ready to reupholster. Both sets of seat springs still had the manufacturer tag attached. Love those kinds of finds - they will stay pu
  3. Popped the seat frames and original seats in tonight so I could sit in my truck for the first time on something other than a milk crate! Don't mind me...I'll be here making "vroom-vroom" noises and grinning from ear to ear!!
  4. Still have my question about removing the inner hub covers and am also wondering about door rubber seals. I only have a couple of little sections still present, but it's so badly dried that I can't remove it without it crumbling. Trying to determine if the universal "D" shape 3M stripping will work. Also still pondering a creative headliner solution. Now that the interior is painted I don't feel like it's so urgent, the flat black kind of makes the roof "disappear" for now. Any thoughts on any of these? Today? I donned my respirator and got the rest of the interior painted this morni
  5. We pulled the hub covers on the front wheels tonight. There is an inner dust cover. Wondering how to remove it. Didn't seem to pull off or turn easily. Didn't want to bang on it without knowing more about it's removal! Thanks in advance for any insights. Did a lot of interior detail work today, painting. Tomorrow is a day off for me (MLK Jr. Day) so I plan to do lots more and will post pictures tomorrow. Cheers!
  6. Hope everyone is doing well. It's been a couple of weeks and I'm still making good progress! The cab floor is the part of this project that my husband has been dreading. If this was going to be a pristine, "back to showroom" restoration we would have started over - we agreed to a route that repaired the rotted areas around the doors, and reinforced the floor for stability and safe installation of the seats, etc... After several really annoying nights of cutting, grinding, fabricating, and welding, my "Frankenfloor" is done, strong, and functional. I scuffed and painted it and the firewall
  7. Today we cleaned the shop and my husband invested some time helping our nine-year-old break down and clean his go-kart engine in preparation for overhaul. After that endeavor, truck progress included removing the PTO from the transmission and installing a custom knock-off plate, removing the old muffler, painting the brackets in preparation for the new muffler, and removing the passenger door for easier access to the cab - as we prepare to work on the floor (tomorrow). Tonight I took a break and made Miss Mackie a sweater and scarf to match the truck's new interior. It started out as a joke,
  8. Sorry! I updated the link: https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  9. We're beginning to bring body panels home to the shop. Wondering if anyone has a diagram or clear explanation about how the fenders/hood attach to the chassis. Cheers!
  10. Happy New Year! Here's to a productive 2021! Most recent pictures load first: https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  11. Friends, Who has a resource for explaining how the front end sheet metal attaches to the chassis? A diagram? A clear description? Cheers!
  12. At one point she had a dump body. We're building a custom bed for her. No fifth wheel. The plate on the back has some really gory welds that will be grounded down and repaired, as you can see it's not worthy of towing anything right now! She'll get a receiver hitch when that area is repaired and reinforced. I think I'll cap that back with diamond plate. Stay tuned!
  13. Hello friends! If you celebrated Christmas last week, I hope you had a good one! I took a few days off from the Mack project to enjoy some much needed downtime and the holiday. It was a "Mack Christmas" as my husband and I agreed we'd only do things for each other that helped our truck projects move forward. I got so many "treats" including all of the wiring, switches, and lights I need; a new muffler; vintage air and electric horns; and the last indicator lights I needed. Tonight I pulled the air tanks, cleaned, prepped, and painted them; finished painting the rear end and rear frame
  14. I'm in love with how the dash came out! Gauges are ready to be hooked up. There are still some little things to add like the high beam indicator light, electric horn, headlight switch. Glove compartment hinges need some adjusting, but it's close. I had to scrap the ash tray, it was completely deteriorated, but I think I'm going to put the shifting pattern tag there, it fits over the opening perfectly. The upper panel where it originally was has some rot, so I'm going to do a nice aluminum access panel up there, larger than what was there before. My husband had my generator rebuilt as an e
  15. Thanks, Paul. So the inner portion doesn't come out? Does anyone know the specs on oil for this cleaner? (Type/amount/procedure)
  16. Friends, Talk to me about taking apart the air cleaner! How do we disassemble it? It needs a good cleaning and it's not appearing intuitive. The rubber fittings were all shot, but we got it retrofitted up and ready for scat tube, etc...but it's got to come apart for a good clean. The attached picture is as far as we got. Got the dash painted tonight. Newest pictures load first: https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/ Cheers!
  17. Viruses be damned, I'm plugging away! Last night I put the dash panel back together. I took apart the speedometer which was full of paint chips. Upon disassembly it became obvious that the interior canister had been painted and the paint didn't stick! I got it all cleaned up and reassembled. Kept it along with the air pressure gauge and replaced the others (which weren't working). I'm happy with the result! More frame painting this week. The fuel tank and all components are up and functioning and there's fuel in the tank! She's getting really close to a test drive. Newest picture
  18. I'm back! The shop has been set up for paint as my husband has also been working on his Freightliner. The Mack has been patiently waiting under her parachute cover - and I spent last week recovering from some bug (negative COVID test, yay!) Tonight I removed the instrument panel and got the back painted (flat black). Tomorrow I'll spray the Verde Green! New instruments are ready to install. Fuel sending unit arrived over the weekend so that will get installed tomorrow and we'll put some 100 low lead in the tank! (Parachutes for covering up and Av gas courtesy of my pilot/A&P mechanic
  19. Bob, I've always been a dive in and ask questions later kind of girl...drives my husband nuts...but often keeps things going! HA! 😆
  20. Frank, I found this after-the-fact last night! Good info that should help you out.
  21. Well, I came off the high of my progress yesterday and landed myself right in the dog house, so to speak! 🙄 I decided on a whim at the end of a long day of work - to remove the passenger side inside door panel. The inner handle wasn't working and I thought I could investigate and remove the panel for paint. Serves me right for not doing my homework first. The last couple of truck doors I've disassembled have had all of the mechanisms attached inside the door itself, not the panel. (If I had used my head and really assessed the screw placement, I could have saved myself the headache! Hinds
  22. Well, it's been a big week for the Mack! The unexpected blessing of Thanksgiving at home, just the three of us, was that the meal was easy to clean up, and the shop was warm and dry...so in addition to a few nights work leading up to today, I was able to get some good work done tonight. -We removed the overload leaf springs and replaced the U bolts -Front brake canisters have been replaced -Tank is ready for plumbing (just waiting on my new sending unit to arrive) -Picked up new dash gauges (keeping the original speedo, replacing the other gauges that no longer worked
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