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  1. The cab is in primer! Going to hit it with 320 this afternoon and she'll be in her white top coat (on the roof) tonight. The primer, as you know, does a great job of revealing where the body needs some extra attention. I've got more Bondo work to do...but it's close! Cab should be painted by the end of the weekend. We are in some spring weather, finally, and that has helped with perspective and energy. It was warm enough (mid 50s) to open a shop door yesterday when I pressure washed the cab. That was a treat! Progress...
  2. Ha! Thanks, Bob! Yes, we have and use power tools (I've gone through countless packages of orbital sander 80 grit disks! But there are some things that require hand work, a sanding block, or a little piece of sand paper, especially on all these curves! 😆 Trust me, I've have my fair share of moments regretting not stripping the paint, but I couldn't see removing the cab and in the order we tackled the project...well it didn't make sense. There is a light at the end of this tunnel!
  3. Bob, The interior is more green than blue, in my opinion. "Verde Green" is the name of the color. It doesn't photograph authentically - different in natural light than in the photos. I choose it for the hammered finish and because it echoed the vintage vibe of the original green. The interior door panels will also be that color. It works for me. ♥️
  4. Ya'll, we're deep into the "dog shit" work of this project. "Buy an old truck," they said. "Fix 'er up," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. Okay, when I say "they" I mean "I". 😆 Well, days into the body work, I've had some moments of frustration. If I never have to sand Bondo again, it will be too soon! Good news is, the cab is the biggest and most annoying surface area we have to content with and it will be ready for primer tonight. After this, each panel will come in individually and will at least be more ergonomic to work on. The home stretch is the hardest, ri
  5. Ya'll - I have paint! Doors are done. Goal is to have the cab done by the end of this weekend. I'm one happy girl - I think the truck is, too! The rest of the truck will be this color with a white cab roof (down to the natural seam). My seat upholstery should make sense now. Anybody craving a can of Dr. Pepper with me? 🤩
  6. Update from the Brattleboro Historical Society on the Guildford Paper Co., Inc. This all makes me happy to give this truck a new lease on life surround with a bit more positive energy than in her former one! Stay tuned for pictures of the doors with top coat tonight! I CAN'T WAIT!!! "Guilford Paper got sued in 1954 for using the same set of license plates on two different trucks. It didn't pay off in the end as someone caught on to what they were doing, and the State of Vermont made them pay $151 for another set of plates. Seems they were trying to cut corners. The
  7. We're spraying primer on the doors now! I can't not document...drives my husband nuts, but then he's always grateful I have so many pictures of our projects coming to life!
  8. The paint under and over the lettering definitely aged differently - really cracked. I did get it all off! Got both doors repaired (glass and Bondo) and did an initial rattle can primer this weekend. I detailed the lingering scratches with Nitro-Stan and wet sanded with 320. Doors are surprisingly silky smooth - far beyond my expectations! Oh, yeah!! Tomorrow we'll spray the high-build primer and I'll be back to wet sanding on Tuesday. Wednesday we're spraying top coat. Things are feeling pretty real! Today I also cut aluminum plates to cover the interior holes above the doors t
  9. I heard back from the Brattleboro Historical Society and office of the town Assessor, both confirmed that GUILFORD PAPER CO, INC. was located in Brattleboro in the 1950's through the 1980's. It appears they closed sometime after being charged with dumping waste into a setback that drained into the Connecticut River. Mystery solved. Also...cab is ready for primer!
  10. Making steady progress! Paint: I went with single stage acrylic enamel, still ran me over $250/gallon, plus primer, hardener, etc... By the way, the Rust-Oleum Farm & Implement paint is awesome. That's what I used on the frame. We've used it on other trucks and it holds up! This week I've been sanding and doing body work. Discovered that my truck is a "local girl" when I revealed GUILFORD PAPER CO., INC. BRATTLEBORO, VT on the original paint on the door. Still trying to track down info on this company. So far my Brattleboro friends know nothing about it. I do have a call into t
  11. Doing my part to stimulate the economy by purchasing paint! Primer, paint, and all the supplies are in the shop! Doing body work with a goal to start spraying next week. I'm also tackling the headliner. Wish me luck and stay tuned!
  12. Friends, Back to my air cleaner. Many of you have provided great feedback on cleaning the unit. Here's the dilemma: turns out the need for cleaning is not just general dust and dirt, but organic material brought in by mice (at some point) for nesting. Thoughts?
  13. Continuing to make progress! Over the past week I've done some body work (paint removal) and painting. We packed bearings and got the hubs back together, finished welding the back plate, replaced an air line that didn't survive the floor repair, and rehabbed a set of sun visors that I snagged before some trucks at a local yard were scrapped. Ordering paint for the body this weekend! Most recent pictures load first: https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  14. Ah! Thanks so much! I know it won't look like much until we get the body work done, but for anyone who has engaged in any kind of restoration, I think you can appreciate the hundreds of hours that go into these projects! I'm still getting my old industrial Juki machine in good working order. I actually did these seats on my trusty Singer "Heavy Duty" model. Given the fact that they are mostly straight panels with only those two side panels that have any curves, it was pretty doable. Sounds like your wife will be well versed in these seats when she's done her current list! Thank you agai
  15. Bench seat is done! I've been doing little things today including replacing the rubber seal around the dash panel. Most recent pictures load first: https://sjcreativevt.pixieset.com/skippymack/
  16. Nope, just a master plan for domination of my own little world! 😆
  17. It's all part of my master plan...it will come together visually!
  18. I'm just thrilled with the way the driver's seat came out! My husband has a rich background in racing (of all kinds) so everything we build has deck stripes somewhere...it's just embedded in our family culture! The Mack is getting her's on the seats! Sewing up the bottom cushion was twice as fast after fumbling my way through with the first one. Bench seat is next - by the weekend! Tonight my husband finished welding out the rear plate (repairing a previous welding job and reinforcing it). We put the transmission fluid back in (after draining it to remove the PTO), and reinstalled the
  19. I think I will have had my fill for a while by the time mine is done! 😆
  20. Over the moon excited about how the first seat cushion came out tonight! Finishing the driver's seat tomorrow night and the bench seat this weekend!
  21. I don't. My pedal doesn't have a rubber pad, not sure if the texture was welded on aftermarket or was manufactured like that. I simply painted it.
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