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  1. Name: Mack B-42 (1960) Date Added: 28 May 2009 - 03:00 PM Owner: Marc1107 Short Description: My friends truck sorry for not having all the info. I'll get more. View Vehicle
  2. I was wondering if you guys could explain the difference between Maxidyne and Thermodyne engines.
  3. Name: Old Macks and a few others. Category: Old Mack Truck Videos Short Description: Equipment/Truck Show in R.I. View Video
  4. Name: B-42 Quad Box Category: Old Mack Truck Videos Short Description: Quad Box Shifting View Video
  5. I was wondering why some Macks have the Main closer to the driver and why do some have it on the outside?
  6. Name: 1960 Mack B-42 Category: Old Mack Truck Videos Short Description: My friends gas job. We are looking for the sister truck that the original owner sold about 10 years ago the VIN# is b42x19920, we are looking for b42x19921. View Video
  7. What is the difference between a 5&4 and a Quad Box?
  8. I broke down about a month ago and a Peterbilt wrecker towed me I asked the driver why do they put a pusher axle on the truck instead of making it a regular ten wheeler. The driver couldn't give me a straight answer. Keep in mind the truck was NOT a tri-axle, that I understand. The truck was a six wheeler with a pusher. Can anybody tell me the purpose of the puser axle on a heavy duty wrecker?
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