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    Born into trucking and grew up near trucks. Welder by trade and wrench puller came naturally I guess. We mud race as a family. Have three race trucks and are building a fourth. Bought my Mack to build a hauler for the race trucks. Had to go with an R. Always has been my favorite.

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    1974 Kenworth K100
  1. Maxi dyne without an intercooler are always 237's ? And with an intercooler are 285's ? I saw the Maxidyne tag but wasn't sure if 237 was the only possibilities.
  2. When I bought my Mack I was told it was a 237 but now I'm wondering after reading some forum stories on here.. Any help would be appreciated. Is it a 237 ? I included pictures of the tags on the Fromm valve cover and numbers on the driver's side of the block. The block is blue while I have a mixture of gold and green on other parts under the hood. Another question for the experts while I'm at it, any clue what transmission I have ? I've been told by some people that there is no such transmission, but I know there is because I have one.. I included a picture of the shifters. The chrome handle is a normal 5spd patern with reverse. The green handle has low, neutral and high. When in high only 4th and 5th are usable on the main stick. All other gears are locked out. I've been told I should only be able to use 5th in high range and it is overdrive. I've driven my truck enough that I know I can use 4th and 5th in high range. I wouldn't be surprised if 5th high is overdrive because my truck really gets up and goes in 5th high.
  3. Bigdogtrucker has a '68 R611T. I have a '69 R611 ST. Just wondering what the S stands for on my Mack. Thanks. BP.
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