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  1. I might be interested in the 12 speed as well. Bought one from local Weller truck part and removed and replaced to have essentially the same thing happen but with the new transmission. Dropped it out again and moved the forks around manually and Weller said with video sent to them it seemed to be fine. Currently have been running it for a year and it’s not right but according to Weller it’s within spec. FYI- Won’t use Weller again
  2. Ok so, I have 736gb343p7 injectors, was told by an injection shop they just change out the nozzle on the injector for 427 nozzles. Wondering if that would work without changing springs and internals of injector body.
  3. So if I go stage 2 I have to get chip and turbo? Basically what I’m understanding in all my research is no matter what I do, I won’t see much of a difference without the blixxton.??
  4. I have a 96” E7 400 Tec equipment says I have 631gc5140m2 for my turbo cross referenced it and it’s a S3b which is rated for a e7-350 wondering if there is a compressor size difference or if they just kept it all the same. Going to be doing stage 2 injectors and would like to get a clean burn. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Any chance you might have a diagram or specific of how it should be?
  6. My lines are as follows #8 to first filter, #6 out of primary/first filter and on to injection pump. Then hard lines to injectors and return line to tank is a #6 as well. Does it sound right still?
  7. Thanks I appreciate the info and I’ll make sure I do my research before I swap them.
  8. Sorry the primer hand pump. Perfect and thank you, as soon as I can I’m swapping it all back to #8 line I don’t know who dumbed it down to #6 but I’m sure I’ll find other problems after this like higher egts. And from joeH I don’t know my boost pressures, there isn’t a gauge equipped on the truck but in time once this thing is all performing properly I plan to install one. Running my own operation and doing the mechanics plus family is a lot. Waiting for the day I’m not so worried about my old girl and can grease, fluids and wash instead of whole weekend jobs.
  9. I totally get that, honestly this truck has been a project. Was running a big cam400 before this one so they are very different power wise. Big cam finally seized up because of crumby head work done by previous owner. Still in my shop awaiting rebuild. My truck I run as a solo dump 56k and pulling hills plus shift hang up isn’t there.
  10. I’ve always felt since I got the truck about a year ago that it was under powered. Definitely not enough to pull a trailer. I’ve done the injectors and head gasket about 9 months ago. Turbo is in great shape.
  11. Thank you or the reply but I am still a little confused on the answer, the pressure side wouldn’t be till after fuel pump right? Everything up to fuel pump including filter lines should be bigger than #6an lines right. If I’m on the right track here what would be the size I want to go with #8an or #10an?
  12. Wondering what the fuel line going to my filters and pump should be. 96’ E-7 400 talked to Mack and they said #8 or #10 Line found out I have #8 line from tank to fuel pump bleeder. Then it goes to a #6 line. Bought truck from old mechanic in area wondering if this is suppose to be this way or am I getting less fuel than I should?
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