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  1. Hello all. Blew a grease seal on trunnion shaft at base of trunnion due to frozen relief valve on cap. I assume this is an expensive repair. Can anyone comment on this?
  2. Blew an O ring seal on shaft on outer side of trunnion. Is this an expensive repair I assume. Anybody?
  3. Hello all. What is the proper way to grease this suspension to get the grease to where it needs to go and what type of grease is best to use?
  4. Hello all. Currently running an EM7-300 mechanical in dump truck. Looking to upgrade to a newer truck which is an 06 with the 370. Being a maxidyne can I expect similar performance with the stock engine or would I have to do turbo, injectors etc?
  5. The trucks are an 88 and a 96. Both are RD 690s
  6. Wanting to put in a good running E6 to replace worn E7 mechanical. Would this be a direct bolt in or would I need to change motor mounts etc.?
  7. Both engines are 1996 E7 mechanical. One is 250 hp with an Allison transmission, the other is a 300 hp maxidyne with T2070. The 300 is tired. Can I swap turbo, pump and injectors from the 300 onto the 250 and turn that into a 300? Do these engines have same internals ?
  8. Can anyone recommend a good Mack engine rebuilder in the Buffalo, NY area?
  9. Yes air element is new. During one occasion last year the truck was putting out a ton of blue smoke at idle. Oil was dripping out exhaust side of turbo, nothing on pressure side. I took turbo to shop and they said play is fine not the problem. I did notice after removing turbo that it was tacky inside of exhaust manifold ports from oil. The heavy blue smoke since quit on its own. Every now and then I notice some blue smoke at idle but not constant. It seems to smoke more in reverse gear which seems odd. Just trying to figure out where to go from here. Take to shop and have leak down test and c
  10. Hi am new to site and diesel engines. Have 96 RD dump with mechanical 300 with 450k miles, 24 k hrs. Engine is using excessive oil when working, like a gallon a day. Starts easy in cold weather and runs smooth but does have intermittent blue smoke. What is the best way to determine if it needs rebuilding?
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