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  1. My AMI 370 makes a noise like that did replace the oil pump and it did quite down some. I saw you were asking on my post of I ever figured it out, truck hasn't been used much for over a year now and I have been in the process of repainting it and going over everything . Will be back on the road next spring. But from what I have learned is it is not uncommon, stoped by a local guys shop that runs macks and he started his up and it sounded like mine,told me it has been making that noise for 200k miles. Guess time will tell,next spring I'm putting it back on the road.
  2. Has anyone ever put an e7 jake or tec brake on an e6 4 valve engine, from what I can see in photos and find in publications is metric bolts on e7 and English bolts on e6.
  3. Looking for a complete jake brake for a 1990 E6 350 4 valve
  4. When you walk around around the truck sounds the same on both sides and front. When I took air brake compressor off and made a plate to cover engine block it was actually louder. Anyone ever heard of any issues with the auxiliary shaft or timing gears.
  5. I did check the breather element. When oil pan was off everything looks like new other than scuff marks on pressure relief valve on pump, new oil and filters again.
  6. Did not do oil test but did start day after oil change
  7. When fan belts are removed (fan not turning)doesn't change
  8. Don't hear it above idle but naturally normal engine sound takes over
  9. I have a 2006 granite I purchased new in 2008 for local use only 54000 miles on truck. All of a sudden it started making a very noticeable humming noise at idle and oil had a smell like burnt plastic, I can't find the problem, removed fan belts no change,removed power steering pump same, oil spinner filter,air brake compressors same noise. replaced oil pump (found wear marks on release valve) now noise is not as loud but still there. Not in trans or clutch (same when clutch is pushed in) Afraid to keep running and have major problems. I even had a mack tech look at it and he pretty much d
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