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  1. Hey Cary all the information you gave me disappeared. The one number you gave me doesn't seam to do much when I call it. Here is mine 1 269 271 2394 thanks norman
  2. Yea that' was good of you to do that for him I have a fan assembly for sale it's an extra I don't think I'll need it for the early truck there's one on it already.
  3. I sold Don a water pump for that truck. I take it you had a parts truck
  4. What ever happened with the truck this man had I think he passed away
  5. I have a love for the ihc's from the 20's I have a few with the cast iron radiators.an the kb's as well.
  6. I'll do my best I'll try to get them to you as soon as I can. Here is what I have there's about a 1926 non live tandem dump that has no sheet metal otherwise pretty complete. The early one is a short truck no hood or cab but fairly complete with extra cowel fan assembly. There is a nice chassis and a block setting in it at the present time. Also another chassis that rolls. There are cab pieces for patterns. An two semi trailers in parts.if you call the cell number I can store your number then send you pictures to your phone or email if you want. 1 269 271 2394
  7. Early model & 1920"s AC Mack collection of 3project trucks and plenty of parts. I would like to sell all together. Serious inquiries only. Norm 269-271-2394 Located in Kalamazoo Michigan.
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