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  1. I'm still looking for something in that LF or LFT line. There's gotta be one out West. Best, Dennis
  2. Hopefully I won't need to piecemeal this quest. A complete set or whole truck would be best, and better if not over 500 mi from the Phx area. DG
  3. Let's expand the needs to any "L" series metal, I'm not picky. Thanks, DG
  4. I don't do FB, could you forward contact info to me please? Dennis
  5. Still looking. Please let me know if something turns up. DG
  6. The mil-spec ENDT-673 was a one-off for the project, fielded from '66-'68 before being replaced with a Hercules Multifuel. Very few 'normal' Mack parts will fit that engine, especially around the bell and water pump/oil cooler/thermostat. It has a two-sump oil pan with special pumps, too. It was known for good mileage, low maintainence, and good longevity. Just expensive. dg
  7. I'm Dennis Gilliam, lifelong Arizona resident currently living outside Maricopa on 10ac. Presently a '53 Dodge M37 4X4, a '67 Kaiser-Jeep M54A1 5-ton cargo (Mack Thermodyne ENDT673 powered), and a '93 Ford F700 Diesel box van. I'm trying to rebuild a stripped LFT chassis, and need the entire cab-fenders-grille assembly in restorable condition. It sure is great to find this site! DG
  8. I need everything; cab, fenders, hood, grille. Or a whole truck, if need be. Restorable condition is OK, can travel the Southwest for it. Not building a rat rod, I have a suffering chassis. Thanks, Dennis
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