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  1. I tied a towel around the crank while doing that. The turbo actually broke on this truck causing the engine to run away!! filled everything with oil 😭
  2. This truck didn’t come with a coolant filter 🤔
  3. Good to know thanks!! Yeah me and my brother have been working on it slowly I need to pull the cam and order parts just not sure what kit to get I was thinking the pai performance kit with the coated pistons and bearings and such
  4. Thanks for the info this is the only side pic I have at the moment
  5. No tag just adhesive where there use to be a tag
  6. I have a 2000 cx613 trying to do an Inframe but not sure what motor I have truck says to be E7-460 but could have been swapped. I can’t find anything on the motor telling me what it is. Any help would be appreciated vin 1M1AE07YEYW002545 also found these numbers on the block under the oil fill tube 950140 5537M 9272 6374
  7. My truck does the same thing only while stopping and turns right back on 2000 CX613 E7-460
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