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  1. Ok well i will be aware of everything
  2. This is my phone number, you can write me on WhatsApp, I like to learn things about those classic Mack trucks and if you can send me the photos of the radiator you can also do it. here my number +584121304602
  3. Thank you really here you can not get that model of radiator. I would appreciate it in my soul
  4. el camión mío no trajo radiador yo le puse uno temporal de otro modelo pero no me sirve por sus dimensiones
  5. If you have one, you can pass the images to my WhatsApp is +58 412 1304602
  6. Tanto de traer no porque se envía por barco que no es
  7. ok I thought that over there for being an old model they could have them as a lost thing
  8. Good day this day I come to you because I need a Mack rs685 radiator and at the moment I do not have money to buy it and I came to ask any of you if you have one that can afford it
  9. I would like if someone has the complete guide to repair and assembly of the Mack E6 2 and 4 valves engines in pdf thanks
  10. how are you the r685s has the bad engine and he is repairing it to put it to work i just need the radiator greetings
  11. But going forward trying to work on the little that is left and mending our Mack trucks that are the strongest and the most reliable greetings
  12. how are you look here in Venezuela is a disaster nothing works politicians are corrupt and also do not let people progress insecurity is doing theirs and well here we are
  13. I had read in a previous post on this blog that it was only enough to tighten a screw on the back of the pump to increase the fuel flow and thus raise it
  14. If you have an oil cooler and it also has a turbo, I will add your interculer. I just need to increase the fuel level.
  15. thank you but could you give me a more detailed explanation of what I should do
  16. I would like to know how to raise the injection pump of my Mack em6 237 to 315 horsepower I remember that my engine is from the year 1982 and has an American Bosch injection pump.
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