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  1. Dave 47 ,i..PAID off TRACTOR #8628 in October, 1983 it was A 1978 Freight liner With a 1981 Cummings, 300 & 9 speed,transmission 355 Rear ends *We were still in a Recession in 1980 Lived in San Diego CA.. Had got My Class, 1 license in 1977 *Company ,i.. worked for Lost All of our Pumping,, contracts* &No LOCAL TRUCK, Driver, Jobs* Pre-Internate Days* No Cell phones* Midwestern DISTRIBUTION WOULD LET ME Own my own TRUCK $1.00 TO Start a Corporation, in KANSAS* 0.72¢ A MILE ,LOADED,, or EMPTY* FOR a young, DRIVER WHO had- NOTHING!! THIS was a good, Opportunity They, Ran me HARD ,ALL over the USA.& ,i..PAID-OFF$$ THAT*"DOLLAR" TRUCK* in ,2..YEARS** *NEED TO THANK* "ALL" of the, TRUCK, stop "LAWYERS" who said* MIDWESTERN* they are, NEVER " going to Let you PAY$$ OFF your, "DOLLAR" "TRUCK" THEIR, "ADVICE" MADE ME Hang in there ,When my, DIESEL FUEL, GELED UP --20°F. Des Moines Iowa * FREEZING, RAIN* 1/4" ICE ALL over OHIO** BLIZZARDS, Brainerd & Cloquet ,Minnesota* PAPER, MILLS*EVERY,TIME the GOING, got ROUGH* THE " ADVICE " from the MONDAY, MORNING " QUARTER BACK'S " made me, LAUGH & KEEP on TRUCKING* OWNER OPERATOR, 34,YEARS* RETIRED, 2014* & IT" ALL " STARTED, WITH a "DOLLAR" TRUCK, that the, TRUCK STOP, "LAWYERS" said ,i.. Would,, NEVER, PAY OFF* OWN OUR HOME, FREE & CLEAR ALSO ,PRETTY GOOD, RETURN, for a $ DOLLAR...
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