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  1. if you need this too, i know where to get this its in conneticut i ended up replacing mine but like the other guy said go to 12 volts this switch is big like a gm starter.
  2. how are you progressing with your truck?like yourself things have been busy.

  3. cant wait for spring!!!!!

  4. i have to let mine drive the mack around so now i never hear anything anymore, well almost!!
  5. hi there. i would be interested in some of those bulldog blanks for a 62 b61mack thanks, happy holidays! smokey..
  6. happy holidays to all!!!

  7. At last! holidays are here

  8. everyone has to start somewhere... like the blue though. I admire people who put alot into their Mack projects.
  9. thanks for the info im going to try that
  10. im wondering if using a circulation heater through the heater core to head is ok instead of the block heater, will that do ok? and any recommendations on wattage and make type for the new jersey and new york area? b61 thermodyne 1961 thanks so much.
  11. hello.im really finding this to be alot of fun as well as working on and trying to make nicer. it all pays off in the end of course.i use this as fun and not for work at all.just drive to shows and things like that.this truck took the place of a 1960 chevy kingswood wagon, i transferred the smoke plates to this.its more appropriate!anyway its really great to have this truck and this site to...

  12. Hello all I'm in search of a block heater for my B61 mack. I'm in NY and this is my first year with this truck and do not want to get stuck!!! I'm not having any luck finding one. Please help if you can. thanks Ed
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