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  1. CEL on with a P026C00 lower the expected. truck has been to mack for tuning, counts went down from 45 to 10, but code still pops up. wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction. what sensor reads fuel quantity? is it worth changing that sensor before changing injectors? if so where is sensor located?
  2. yes sir.. would you think mack just had a bad batch of eup remans in that year
  3. yes but had dye from the previous test, didnt take the extra steps to try and old dye washed away. it wasnt coming from the pump when i had the pan off. thats not saying its not coming from it now though. its got almost 2000hrs on a set of new eup pumps
  4. we have mack trucks impact, not sure what protocol is,but my boss doesnt want to waste money on parts. yet he'll waste money on oil and filters
  5. "not" went from 5.3 to 8.3 in 225 hours with new oil.
  6. Actually pulled the fuel filter and put dye, then started the truck let it run for a minute. took off the feed line and put a regulator and set air pressure @80psi and plugged return line. let it sit over night found that all 6 where leaking changed seals did a retest, but was really hard to tell where the dye was coming from. could have been left over from the first test. just got another sample back today al-400 with fuel dilution. the fuel plug had actual back out on it ,and was leaking fuel outside the cover
  7. thanks for the input. ive aready learned alot from this site in a short time, 20years of automotive switching over to big rig stuff is tough, not enough info out there like on gas burners ive got a mp7 that i did a leak test on all 6 injectors leaking around stems, got 6 in a box ready to be installed
  8. i read that link yesterday. oil pan was off 300 hours ago. changed delta seal, only 500hrs or so on eup pumps, nozzle o'rings change 300hrs ago, fuel dilution went from 5.3 to 8.5 on this sample. new oil and filters installed 300hrs ago. ive checked the fuel bore plugs when the pan was off. no leaks from that area then. think the eup pumps have done took a dump? they was mack remains funny thing we have a e7 having the same issue with around 1000hrs on its eup pumps
  9. can anyone tell me what idle fuel pressure is supposed be? this one 60psi @idle and 82psi wot. fighting a fuel dilution problem.
  10. Replacing engine harness fixed all my issue that i was having with truck. being a month out of warranty sucked.
  11. What type of fan clutch do you have? most times you can just unplug and it will engage the fan.
  12. Little history on truck, new engine wiring harness that's junk, 3 ECMs swapped out. So i figured out most of the other issue by myself. Just having problems trying to diagnosing these last 2 codes before replacing the engine harness again. New pressure differential sensor, new intake sensor. EGR valve is getting voltage, sensor lines for EGR sensor are clean. BTW, I'm new here. so any help would be greatly appreciate!!
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