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  1. Cool logic I can make it come on but unplugging. Trying to figure if bad connector or sensor
  2. At what temp dose fan kick on also will it come on when ac is put on. It’s only 60 degrees but I can’t get fan to come on. Truck ran hot on my driver twice but he can’t tell me if fan came on. I have it and cannot make fan come on. But temp is below 190.
  3. Mps

    96 Vmac 2 ecm

    Where can I find that jumper. I have a 93 vmac1 that I have been chasing code 35 problems that I am looking posible to swap ot computer to test but I can’t find any 1’s
  4. Hi guys looking for some help I have a 12 pinnicale with a Delphi radio. It is lock out showing code. I called Mack a I have the code but I can’t figure out how to enter it. Ever button I push screen go’s blank then I have to reset power to make come back on. Thanks in advance.
  5. Mps

    Hi I got a question if you have the time I got a 93 400 vmac and I get a timing actuator mechinacal system not operating properly code on my otc hd scanner with a derate only when I pull a hill loaded rest of time it's fine.  Shut key off restart it clears till next hill. Any ideas. Thank you in advance. 

  6. I used a otc he scanner 128 020 7 Sid is what I got I will use blink code next time I use truck. If that helps
  7. I had one doing the same thing it was turbo no fins left. Not gettin proper boost choking it out.
  8. Is the whole electric system shutting down or just motor when it happens how about hitting bumps on road will it do it more or less.
  9. Hi guys I have a 93 e7400 vmac1 I get a timing actuator mechanical system not responding properly and it derates only time it throws this code is a long hard pull when loaded. Any ideas where to start. Thanks in advance.
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