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  1. Think I’ve got the hang of posting now .🤔
  2. Hi everyone, I have just joined up to this great site , I live in England and have been a big Mack truck fan since I was probably 4 . Now at 45 I really want to build a Rubberduck replica out of an R model. Living in England these are obviously not very common at all , however importing from the States is pretty easy. My other passions are my 800hp NASCAR , ex Carl Edwards 99 Ford Fusion and I have owned and raced so many Mustangs I’ve probably lost count . Guess I was just born in the wrong country, growing up in the 70s and 80s every thing I used to watch on tv involved American cars and Trucks , guess that made us like we are 👍. I’m also a big country music fan .Thanks for letting me join . Regards Simon
  3. That’s an interesting read . How come some Mack Rs sit higher , is it the air ride or the fact that the Western hood as an extra 4” in height which is visible above the fenders. I’m guessing some had 24.5 wheels which would increase.I see some pics of the R Models where the hight of the hood is say 70” from the ground and others that look more like 80” . Always wondered what made the difference.
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