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  1. I've got an '84 Mack MH613. A couple days ago the brake valve under the foot pedal broke off where the three bolts hold the assembly to the floor of the cab. I've checked around a few places and so far i've been told that nobody can get the part and it's discontinued. I've attached a diagram below. The piece that's broke is on the top left, with the three bolt holes. It's the casting piece that contains the plunger. That piece bolts between the actual air valve and the cab floor. Does anybody know of a place where I could order this? Or possibly a junk yard/used truck that has one? Or, if it's impossible to find, is there a way to swap out the entire brake pedal assembly to something more common? Thanks!
  2. Most likely Talked to another local shop and they seconded what you said about a pump sized for 2,700psi and 30GPM. They put together a quote for a PTO with face mounted pump and PTO controls up to the cab, parts only, for $2500. Does that sound reasonable? They recommended a small fabricating shop in town to split my fuel tank for a reservoir and a hydrualic shop for hoses and fittings.
  3. Correct, only 15-20 minutes at a time, 30 tops Looks like all three pipes are 1-1/4. I haven't got the trailer yet so i'm going based on some pictures still. I went and checked it out in person once already and took a few of my own photos for reference. The photos below I was going for rough measurements on the couplers, but it gives an idea of the pipe sizes. The third line is currently capped off. Current owner has never used the rig, but previous owner before him must have ran it as a two line. IMG_1101.HEIC IMG_1104.HEIC
  4. Awesome, appreciate the info! With the three line system, if there is too much pressure at the loader controls it should just route back and dump in the reservoir correct? So if the pump had too much PSI or too high of a GPM it would still work, but pump too much fluid and build excessive heat?
  5. It's a 1988 Transcraft TL 100k-43 with a Hawk 1500 grapple. I'm not sure what the specs are for flow rate or pressure but i'll do some digging. As far as direct mount or driveshaft, what would determine that? I don't know much about wet kits.
  6. Looking for wet kit parts for my 84 mack mh613 with the t2100 transmission. Trying to set it up with a three line wet kit.
  7. I know this is an old thread, but i'm looking to put a wet kit on my 84 mack mh613 with the t2100 and am looking for some guidance. Local mack shop has no idea what parts to order. I'm trying to set it up to run a three line wet kit for pulling a logging trailer with grapple loader.
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