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  1. I found what I believe is the part number for the IGNITION SELECTOR. The number is 1MR299R or 1MR299P1. Looking for any info to find this item. THANKS
  2. Looking for any info/feedback to find an IGNITION SELECTOR for this chassis. It is similar to a battery disconnect switch, with a lever, not a key. Has FIVE terminals on the back. The face plate has selection of OFF/ L / R / L-R .This chassis is a gas engine with L & R distributors. Anyone with info can contact me @ 603-621-8291 or tmicucci@mctrucks.com
  3. Just an FYI to my request for help finding the fuel lines. Dale Frances Engineering gave me GREAT service and had more stock than I needed. Recommend them to anyone looking for this product. THANKS FOR HELP.
  4. I am looking for a FUEL LINE (203GC4181/203GC4181A/25124824)#5 for an E9 Mack engine with an AMBAC V-PUMP. If anyone can help with this request or have info to find one you can E-Mail me at the address shown. Thank You, Tony M. 603-621-8291
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