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  1. Have a 1948 EE I saved. I will post up ID number later. Frame was no where to be found so it’s going on a 3/4 ton dodge chassis. If any one has spare parts I am in need of a passenger fender, interior windshield upper and lower garnish moldings, and the upper grille shell trim piece that bulldog sits on. May be interested in doors too. Thanks!
  2. Does any one know if he’s still got stuff he’s selling? Hate to cold call him this far past the original post date. Thanks
  3. It could be all yours for the price of free99 if ya haul it. Trying to bring something back that’s that far gone is not my cup of tea. Pictures make this truck look a million times better than it is.
  4. so I went and checked the truck out. Poor dog is way to far gone. By far the worst I’ve ever gone to look at. It’s a shame cause you could tell when the truck was in it’s prime in the 80s it was probably one of the nicest rigs around. Dash had been done up with a real nice wood grain overlay, had the custom painted stripes on the sides, aftermarket A/C added and was repowered with what looked like a big cam Cummins (couldn’t get hood fully opened) big in-line Diesel with a huge turbo housing with small inlet. But man was the old truck rusty. Opened the doors and they almost fell off because the cowl was so rusty. I don’t even know if any parts were worth saving. If anyone is interested I can get you contact info for the lady. Truck is located in Lakeland Fl area. Shes pretty much giving it away as long as she knows it’s going to the right place because it was her husbands pride and joy at one point.
  5. Thanks for the info. I haven’t put my eyes on the truck yet, just found out about it coming up for sale and wanted to gather some more info about the ole L trucks. Trucks been sitting for about 10years and hasn’t been ran for most of those years. Will get some more info this weekend when I go take a look at it.
  6. I know the value varies from condition and amount of parts missing and lots of variables. But I’m looking to buy a 1951 mack LF that is local to me, and if I don’t end up buying I’ll pass the details on to anyone on here who is interested. Don’t have much info on the truck because the widow of the owner doesn’t know much about it. Just looking to get some more info on the LF series trucks and a range of value on the ole truck, can’t find much info on them. Thanks
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