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  1. Hi. New to this so please bare with me. Have a Mack vision 460 ch613. In need of an in frame, and possibly cracked head. Any ideas on cost of an in frame? Trying to decide what to do with it. Thanks, and I apologize if this is already somewhere here I didn't see.
  2. Hi guys. New to this site and in need of opinions. I have a 2001 Mack vision 460. I am told the engine is not original as it is a non electrictronic engine. I have fuel leaking from rocker box cover down between #4 #3 heads. When running, I sprayed Beale clean on block to clean it up and find the source of the leak. When I hit the spot between heads, the truck developes a miss and then goes away. Starts good, runs good, no fluids interchang anywhere. Any recommendations here?
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