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  1. Yes I did. I had it pressurized for a couple hrs.
  2. Finally got all the parts to rebuild oil cooler including new core. Resealed the water pump. I got everything back together, pressure tested the cooler like suggested and no leaks. Put the cooler back on and filled the radiator. Pressure tested the coolant system and did not find any leaks. I put the pan back on, filled it with oil and test drove it. I'm still getting moisture dripping out of the blow by tube. The oil fill tube on the valve cover has a lot of moisture as well. Could this be left over coolant from before or should I dig deeper?
  3. I will have to order one. I wondered what that spring was for. Thanks
  4. I found a oil cooler core online for an E9 for $338. I’m assuming it’s aftermarket. I can get an OEM one out of Canada for $795. Is it worth trying an aftermarket one if mine is no good?
  5. Yes I feel really lucky! Left it pressurized all day and never saw any signs of coolant coming from the liners. I will remind my parts guy to order those gaskets. Thanks
  6. I have an update on the V8 with coolant in the oil. I pulled the pan yesterday and pressurized the coolant system. After an hour or so I started noticing antifreeze leaking from the oil pump. After removing the tube from the oil pump up to the block where it meets the oil cooler, there was a fast drip of antifreeze coming out of the oil cooler. I ordered O rings and gaskets to reseal the oil cooler and the square cut o rings for the water pump. Hopefully that will fix the problem. Thanks JoeH and Rob for the help.
  7. I’m looking for a 14’ bed. I will keep that one in mind if I come across a bed. Thanks
  8. My goal is to put a dump box back on it. Just need the box , Ram, and cab controls. Its just going to take time and money. Those two things don't always go together.
  9. Hopefully exploring those two things i will find the problem and not have to go searching for a head gasket failure. I agree with you about theses new trucks. I just sold a 2017 Western Star with a DD16 Detroit. It was a damn good truck and I really liked that engine. For me Financially It didn't make sense to keep a newer truck more than 3 or 4 years. They seem to start costing you money and down time IMO.
  10. Thanks Rob. That sounds like a good place to start. There Is guy here locally that I used to haul with that just might have a service manual. I better give him a call. My old truck does sound good, it has dual exhaust with a set of Dynaflex chrome muffler stacks. Brings back a lot of memories of riding with my dad in the one he drove. As far as parts go for things like that oil cooler, and head gaskets, where is a good place to buy them? Will any Mack dealer be able to get them for me?
  11. The hard starting was due to loosing its prime. It cranked over easy but wasn't getting fuel. To answer Robs question, I did look in the radiator for bubbles and there wasn't any. I sure am disappointed that this happened, I haven't even got to use the truck yet ant it broke down sitting in the driveway. Any thoughts on why it quit loosing coolant? I realize it didn't fix itself but maybe thats a sign of what the problem is.
  12. I have a 1990 RW713 with a V8. I recently had some issues with it starting after setting for a month. I finally got it to start and after running for a few miles to warm it up I discovered a lot of blow by that looked like steam. I brought it home and pulled the dip stick and it was way over full and looked milky. I decided to make a few more trips to town and the more I ran it the better the oil looked and the coolant level is staying up after all that. I then took an oil sample and the results came back as antifreeze. I'm wondering if anyone has had this happen and where I should start looki
  13. I have a 1990 RW713 I might be willing to sell. E9, 12speed, lift axle, wet kit, new paint. If you are still looking? 541-263-1464
  14. Well thanks for all the help Men! I do appreciate you taking the time to help. I finally got it running. I think it’s time to get it in the shop and start replacing old fuel lines. Thanks again!
  15. Wow that’s really good info. So I tried disconnecting the discharge line on the transfer pump and was able to get fuel there when I cranked it over. Reconnected it and was able to get fuel all the way back to the tank. Then I cracked an injector line on the pump, cranked it over with no fuel coming out of the injector line. It’s almost like the fuel shut off isn’t working.
  16. Yesterday I pressurized the tank and got fuel through the primary filter and up to the top of the injector pump. If I'm understanding right is a transfer or lift pump? when I disconnected the other line going to the secondary filter I can't get fuel to go through that part that the two line are connected to. I can't find any fuel leaks in any of the lines but will say they all look old and weathered. Apparently I don't have a primer pump or I'm just not finding it. My filters only have about 400 miles so I'm guessing they are ok. It has been in the mid to low 20'S here but the fuel was trea
  17. Hi, I have a 1990 Superliner with an E9 and a V pump. I tried to start the truck today and it won't fire. It's getting fuel to the pump from primary filter but will not send fuel to the secondary filter. I'm not sure if that is a check valve its going through or what it is. The truck usually starts really good even when its really cold. Any ideas out there would be appreciated. Thanks!
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