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  1. I was able to get a modern day set of tie rod ends made by meritor and a bar to match that fit the FA-522 spindles. Part numbers are as follows.... Meritor #R230024 left Meritor #R230025 right Meritor #A-3102-S-3451 tie bar King pin bushings are being machined at this point along with the nut to accept a thrust bearing. Just have to find a solid drag link now due to the owner wanting to do away with the air assist steering.
  2. I understand how to do it that way being that I have templates for all the parts I need. And you are correct its not a huge huge problem to have them made.. I just dont want to go through all of that if I dont have to. Just looking into the wealth of knowledge here to see what guys have come up with over the years. We are already tight on a deadline and just looking to see if we can find parts that will fit without jumping through hoops. Through research on the forum so far I believe I have found replacement tie rod ends and tie bar that will fit. I will know Monday. If not we will send the spindles out to have the tapers honed to fit.
  3. Rob you are correct. So the stemco kit k533m should fit the newer style FA-522 axle then. Now I just need to find the part number for the kit I need that has both bronze. The build sheet gives me a number but for some reason it crosses over to this stemco kit that will not work. Which doesn't surprise me due to the fact the build sheet says this trucks has 58k pound rears in it but after research it has 44ks in it with 58k pound springs.
  4. Having a machine shop start making parts is our next step. But I was told to ask around here to see if anyone had what we were looking for out there or knew where to look. This whole thing became alot more of a project than we anticipated mostly on the parts end. Everyday we need something else. Half the battle is just finding the correct part number. If I find the right part number we have been slightly successful at getting parts from the dealer. Whatever isn't discontinued should I say. I'll just keep soldiering on for now with the search.....Thanks for all the info so far.
  5. Hello everyone, I am wet behind the ears to the this forum thing and looking for some help on finding parts. I apologize now if I posted this in the wrong place. We are in the middle of restoring a 57 b model and have been coming up high and dry on alot of parts. Watts mack pointed me in this direction, saying that some of you fine folks might be able to help me out. Right at this moment we are looking for kingpins, tie rod ends, and a solid drag link for a FA-522 steering axle. For the king pins I need a set that is around 7.97 in length and has bronze bushings in the top and bottom. My local mack dealer crossed a number to a stemco kit k533m but the pins are too wide at the top and wont fit through it the axle. Also the top bushing is a needle bearing instead of bronze. The new bottom bushing is a spiral screw in so thats ok. The pin is also about a half inch shy due to it coming with a thrust bearing that will not fit into my king pin nut. I'm about out of resources here. Everyone I talk to says they cant help. For the tie rod ends this truck has the early style that are female ends with a male tie bar. I was told they are rebuildable but can not find parts anywhere. Seems to be a pattern here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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