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  1. Terry ...yes this truck works everyday in dirt and stone...my trucks look nice but are made to work ...thanks for the compliment also
  2. Thanks guys my son and I worked our butts off this winter on it...alot of blood sweat and tears but the outcome was well worth it ...I've always loved these r models best truck in my opinion for construction work like we do.
  3. Yes it is ..I just bought a tractor same year and specs as this truck I'm gonna do up next ...we have to keep this old iron on the road so the plastic junk doesn't take over
  4. My 88 we just restored ..just wanted to share with you guys
  5. Ya I'm afraid of the electronics ...my 88 always starts ..no electronics
  6. Hey guys a little help.here ...I've owned Mack's for a long time but they have been r models 86 thru 89 ...I'm looking to buy a 2001 RD tractor ...497000 on it ...what should I look for before buying it and how many miles is that engine good for ....what should I expect to have trouble with at that mileage ...thanks I appreciate any tips
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