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  1. keep having a code of PO5Eb00 Cold start scr nox catalyst inlet temp too low .This on a 2016 Mack MP8 505 started at 137350 miles this is the 5th time we now have 247665 miles they can not seem to figure it out just wondering if any one else has had this code problem Thanks
  2. tossing this out there has harmonic balancer been replaced ? just wondering
  3. getting exhaust fumes from 2005 Chu 613 with 460 gray motor had exhaust manifold replaced due to center section under turbo be cracked out new manifold with up graded studs and other stuff did all three sections but still getting gassed anybody else had this problem ?
  4. TWJ721

    what motor

    Mack pro : with the last 6 of the vin can tell me what engine I do know the simple stuff but not familiar with Mack it is a 2005 CH 613 with 460 & mack T318 with I think 4:36 rears Last 6 of the VIN is 157487 Thanks Tony
  5. I found out I have 4:36 gears in the rears
  6. cannot get a hard copy of spec sheet from them they tell me numbers and suc but will not print any thing out just trying to see how the truck is spec out
  7. Just bought a 2005 Mack Ch 7613 with 460 and t318 trans but am clueless about the rear end gear ratio .how can i find out would like to have what they once called a build sheet or line setting sheet .Thanks Tony
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