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    I am a 5th generation cattle rancher. My wife and I own a small excavation business in Arizona. My dad drove a B model Mack to haul equipment all over Az. I loved riding in it. I used to drive a DM model Mack with a twin stick 5x4 and a 56 KW with a 4x4 tranny. I just bought this A model, it's a Az truck with no rust.

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    1968 Diamond Reo

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  1. I bought this Mack A40X in Laveen Arizona from a farmer. He bought it from a local contractor. He says it's been in az all its life. The engine blew up in 1982 and he bought a recon Cummins for it. I think it's a 262 that was test run at Cummins and he bought it, bolted it in , hooked up the hoses but not the wires. That was in 1982. I bought it in 2019. I removed the 5 yard dump box. I plan on fixing it up to pull a 1946 Fruehauf livestock trailer I have at our ranch.
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