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  1. Hi ps love that v8 badge

  2. Thanks for that info i opened up pump done valves put separate air filter on compressor it’s gowing like a 500 now was them bw400s a bolt on was thinking of grafting a hx60w on just carnt get any more than 27psi my e7 400 geting 35psi an it will nealy nock of the e9 

    1. AZB755V8



      This is the link for the turbos I use and recommend.


      I have the S500 92mm turbo on my E9 and it pegs the 60psi boost gauge with no effort and  Dyno'ed over 1100HP at the wheels for short times. You can look though my post and see the Superliner it is in. These AirWerks turbos are marketed good to 70 psi boost and they WILL DO IT. I am no expert but know how engines work and make power. I have had successes and a few catastrophic failures. In a working truck I would not go over these size turbos and they will do EVERYTHING you want.

      Borg Warner S400 series,    great part way under $1000USD.

      For E9     S400   #179180 try stock Exhaust housing but boost will come in at higher RPM's. Think it will work great with 178788 exhaust housing 1.0 A/R   It is a 80mm inlet turbo. Set governor no higher than 2800-3000 RPM's. Do not expect to shift gears at those RPM's, Trans will fail from shock load or twist drive shafts in to pretzels. Rockwell locking rears a real good idea!

      For E7     S400   #178850  this is a 68mm turbo    exhaust housing should be OK but maybe downsize one after trying it. Smaller housing A/R builds boost sooner about 200 RPM steps per size. Up RPM's a few hundred.

      These turbo units have been around for some time and easy to replace. Good for 60 psi plus and at a great price. Should be direct bolt on. Double clamp all turbo hoses, Have fun!

      By the way this is more info than anyone else will volunteer without great expense. I paid for it....

    2. AussieE9525


      Having fun with e9 gowing as good loaded as empty got a bit of clutch shuter today up hill not to worried about driveline got belito hub reduction t2180 it was grossing 100tone before i got it but the cool change today it was getting 30psi boost an marching carnt wait to do turbo up grade

  3. Hi from Australia what should i do to get more power out of e9
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