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  1. jegster10

    E9 manifold leak

    I'm pretty sure Francis Engineering can fix or rebuild your manifold, might give them a call, heck they may even make new ones.
  2. jegster10

    E7-400 poor power.

    Well we didn’t have a heavy load on it today, just around 20k plus cattle trailer into a wind, but it seems to be back to where it was before we had the work done, we still need to check the timing but it seems the valves were the main culprit. Thank you for all your help.
  3. jegster10

    Mack E6 engine Torque specs

    What specific specs are you needing? There are only about 100.
  4. jegster10

    E7-400 poor power.

    We finally got it in the shop and checked the valves, all except one were extremely tight. Will try to get it under a load later this week and see how it pulls, but the valves being that far off will probably make a big difference.
  5. jegster10

    E7-400 poor power.

    I know for a fact the muffler isn’t plugged ;). Compressor intake is on the intake side of turbo, all intake gaskets were replaced when they changed the head, and it ran fine up until that point which makes me think it’s not injectors either. We will start with checking the valves and timing and see what we come up with. I’ll update as when we get it done, but may be a little while as it’s work is kinda done at the moment and we are getting swamped with other stuff to do.
  6. jegster10

    E7-400 poor power.

    Ok, just got back from hauling a load of hay into a 20 mph wind, pressure was 32 psi at idle and never dropped below that while pulling except right after a shift it would drop to about 28 until boost started to build, boost was 27 while pulling. We thought about checking the valve adjustment, but I'm pretty well at a loss.
  7. jegster10

    E7-400 poor power.

    We will work on doing this and update with results once we do. Thanks
  8. jegster10

    Hey all.

    I just signed up here last night because I had a couple questions, Andy in the past when I have searched the internet this forum tends to pop up with the answers I’m looking for. I’m in western KS, and have been around Mack’s my whole life, my grandpa used to own a dealership. Needless to say we have a few dogs running around: 85’ RD E6-300 w/ Allison that has a Harsh mixer box on it. 86’ RS E6-350 single axle w/ Eaton 9 spd, top 2 gears are flipped so it will run about 90, puffer removed (the don’t check that stuff in KS) and turned up a little. Probably my favorite to drive at this point. 92’ CH axel foreward E7-400 w/ Mack 13 spd, it used to have Mack camel back w/ 4.42 rears but we changed it out to get air ride and higher gears so it would run a little faster. 83’ RW 3406 Cat w Eaton 13 spd, dump truck we use to haul manure and dirt around our feed yard, we just bought this on this past winter. and our latest purchase, 1982 Superliner EM9-400 w/ TRDL1070 and 38k Mack rears that grandpa sold new to the previous owner, we found it sitting in a field not running for almost 20 years are are working on getting it back on the road which will be quite a project.
  9. jegster10

    E7-400 poor power.

    So I have a 1991 E7 400 vmac (Bosch pump) and the power has gone away after having some work done last fall. We had it in the shop and had a cracked head replaced and ever since then it won’t pull worth a darn. Used to pull loaded 80k up a large hill close to me and only drop from 70 to maybe 65, now it will drop back to 50. While hauling a load today I made sure to make some observations: Turbo builds boost well from 1400 up, gets to 25-27 psi. Pulls good in lower gears up until 10th (13 speed Mack trans) Pulls better in 12 than 10/11 Pyro quit working a couple days ago but EGT was around 800-850 on hard pull up to that point, though not sure how accurate it was. Any suggestions on where to look would be much appreciated.

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