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  1. location of injector pump on 2005 Mack truck
  2. I have a mack truck model number CXN613 having issues won't stay running  broke all the injector lines on top of the engine have fuel coming out of those injectors lines also have two filters on the driver side bottom of the engine for oil then one small filter was bone dry need to know what that filter is for and has two airlines running to it looks that's mounted to the manifold on driver side

  3. no sir can or would you walk me through process
  4. company has another mack truck CH612 year (10- 2000) i have a light on dash that is a circle with an X over it need some info on this light if any one can help truck runs for about a minute or so then shuts down in need of help thanks
  5. lytle420


    fuse location for headlamps on ch612 mack truck 2001 headlamps not working
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