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  1. I was Mashburn's equipment guy years ago. Went on a job in Oklahoma that this truck pulled with the Gerosa truck pushed. Vessel weighed 625tons. I beleive that is the trailer we used under the front of the load, a TSI 350ton 32tire unit. I built a steerable out of the running gear from the "Desert Fox" 500ton TSI trailer and a 24 tire 150ton TSI unit that was under the back of the vessel. The Gerosa truck only had about 800 miles when Mashburn bought it. 5th wheel was for a 2" pin instead of the 3" pin in Double Ugly. ( I beleive Curtis Lambert Named that truck Double Ugly.) I drove both of the trucks many times, pushing the 625ton vessel when we were up on mats. Arcade Sittig was the superintendent on that job. By the way those trucks had consecutive serial numbers.
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