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  1. From the album: Mack CL Roll-off

    Mack CL 12-wheeler, with a lift axle and a roll-off system (Chagnon type)
  2. Yeah, that rugged look combined with a classic canadian/Quebec axle configuration!
  3. From the album: Mack in my area (Montreal, QC)

    Demix is a major RMC company in QC. They run a mixed fleet of Mack, T800, and Sterling (and Ford in the Past). It was acquired by Holcim several years ago. Now the trucks are all white with the dual branding Demix - Holcim. This truck was caught beteween ''rebranding'' (featuring the old Demix color scheme and awaiting for the new logo Demix-Holcim... the truck is not likely to be repainted... but who knows, it's in top shape!

    © Christophe Culis

  4. From the album: Mack in my area (Montreal, QC)

    One of the Pinnacle operated by Catalogna & Frères, a construction company based out of Lachine (QC) a local construction company.

    © Christophe. Culis

  5. Yep, that's Garnier's!!! Nice shot ;-))
  6. A few pics here. Garnier's Titan was exposed at a Montreal tradeshow (see pics) http://quebec-chantiers.forumactif.biz/constructeurs-et-carrossiers-f31/nouveau-mack-titan-t142.htm
  7. Got to go to their yard in Laval but on a WE to see it. I have been there once, I saw it, but it was parked to far back to get a clean shot and there was nobody on the premises to ask permission to get in... I'll try again ;-)
  8. Still in business, according to the latest news... 2 Titan in their inventory... http://www.mackstefoy.com/fr/default.asp?Catalogue=true&Neuf=true&IDM=2&IDM2=17 For more shots of Mack trucks evolving between Montréal and Quebec City... (including some spot-checks on Mack Ste-Foy's parking lot, check this forum out ;-) Sorry it is in French, but the pictures are self-explanatory ;-) You can find me there too under the same nickname. http://quebec-chantiers.forumactif.biz/constructeurs-et-carrossiers-f31/mack-t272.htm
  9. I have seen one in QC, pulling for Granier Construction, a construction company based in the Montréal région. They run almost exclusively Mack (CL, Granite and a few older RB and RD; they have recently acquired one Titan, to replace one of their oldest CL) This Titan is a very impressing truck I must say. All the trucks are painted red with the Garnier logo on the door... http://www.garnier.cc/
  10. Really impressive truck. Hope to see some of them here in Quebec! In terms of ''look'' I must say that I like it better with the sunvisor!
  11. Was this picture taken in the US? Pretty rare to see some Scania!
  12. Nice rig!!!! It such a great looking truck... Love the long hood on the CL !
  13. Thanks for the comment. I made it from scratch and using some part of my parts box. It's not completely accurate but pretty close.
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