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  1. Oh cool deal. I want to get working on mine soon. We're gonna do all the work ourselves also. First thing tho is it's too damn cold to be playing outside with trucks. Second is well... $$$
  2. Thanks for that little bit of history. Did not know that.
  3. My wife was scared we were gonna hit bridges on the way home with it haha.
  4. Thanks for the advice. freighttrain, you would probably be jealous if you knew what I (think anyhow) stole this for. Hobert, I believe that is what this sleeper came from. I tried searching the forums but no luck, most likely operator error. But that makes sense. Interior will be getting a makeover also in this process.
  5. So I bought this sleeper on Christmas eve for on my superliner, thought it looked like the ones on the liberty editions, but I see now they have 2 windows up top. Also, after further research (after I bought it of course) I see that a sleeper on a superliner from factory has the corners cut out for the exhaust. I think I have an idea for that when installed tho. My question is, how should I got about installing this? I didn't measure the opening on the sleeper, but it's more like our Kenworth with a flattop, not an upside down triangle like a Mack hole. Should I cut a square hole in the cab to
  6. Been probably 2 years since I was on here. Got kinda irritated with my superliner, parked it, wanting to put it back on the road again because I do miss it. Just gotta put more money into it to be reliable.
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