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  1. I have a 65 B42 and noticed that there is no fuse panels or fuses in any of the wiring. My B61 has a fuse panel in the glove box but the B42 has none. It is all original and the wiring has not been altered. Does anyone know if this was a common thing.......it seems like a fire hazard to me. Is it hard to put one in and if anyone knows how one would go about doing so.
  2. He was right!!! Bulldog is on and looks great! Instructions made job easy, took about an hour. thanks.
  3. Hey Rob, thanks, will give it a whirl tomorrow, great instructions! will let you know when he gets back on his perch.
  4. This may seem like a dumb question................does anyone know an easy way to install a bull dog on a B model mack?. I bought a truck without a bulldog and now have one to replace the missing one. I can't see where the wrench would fit to tighten the bolts, does the bulldog have studs or do bolts thread into it from the bottom?, does the rad have to be removed or is there a trick to it?. Also the chrome emblem that the bulldog sits on is held in place by a weird looking half slotted and round edged screw, how is this removed?, where do I get a screw driver to remove this? Never thought it would be that big of a job to put the ol bulldog back on his perch. HELP and or hints would be appreciated.
  5. you look like a fine las. you are very beautiful, do you drive truck?
  6. Both my 57 b61 and my 65 b42 have factory red frames.
  7. try a can of sea foam oil, put it down the sparkplug holes, let sit, then try and crank it with two batteries.
  8. I have a nice 65 B42 that is in the need for an engine, a kind fellow has provided an engine EN401 gas, he will crate it up but it needs to be shipped to Grand Portage Minnesota or can be picked up in Duluth Minnesota. The engine is in Wyoming. If anyone is travelling through and can assist with delivery of this engine, please contact me with a cost and any further info. thanks in advance
  9. what kind of engine is it? how much for it?
  10. I have a 65 B42 with a en401 gas engine, the trouble is that the lifter block near the distributer shaft has broken in several pieces and dropped out. Are these lifter pods replaceable? How do they come out? Are they attached to the block? Is the engine repairable or junk/ Does anyone have any parts for this engine or another one I could buy to replace this one?
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