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  1. Name: Mack B30X (1956) Date Added: 07 November 2008 - 09:36 AM Owner: Bob Garvey Short Description: Dump Truck View Vehicle
  2. Name: Mack B30X (1956) Date Added: 07 July 2008 - 12:29 PM Owner: Bob Garvey Short Description: Dump Truck View Vehicle
  3. I have 2 Mack B30's I have done a lot of prep to get them running but can't find a good way to turn back and forth with lubricant. I have put penetrating oil in the cylinders, let is sit for week or so, tried to turn the engine with a breaker bar on the front bolt (can only turn in one direction), tried the starter, tried to pull with another truck (the clutch slipped). I would appreciate any help. I am thinking about filling the cylinders with kerosene and / or penetrating oil, then letting sit again, them try to turn over.
  4. Thanks for the info. I have 3 similar trucks and will check out the other 2 to see if they have the access panel. If so I will know the position, size etc. and can do the fabrication you suggest. If not I can measure and do the same.
  5. I have B-Model dump trucks with 6cyl gas engines. I need to rework the master brake cylinder and find it in a very cumbersome location. Is there something I am missing about getting to it? It seems like the only way to make it really accessible would be to take the floor pan out and that does not seem reasonable. The reservoir fill appears to be from the top, but I don't see an access panel. The manuals don't supply info on how to check or fill.
  6. I got a wonderful packet from Mack Truck Museum as suggested in this topic. Service manual, operators manual, chassis build sheets when manufactured, list of suppliers. Really amazing. I made a contribution but I wish I was more flush with cash to help out more.
  7. Not consecutive serials, 2 are very close, don't have the info with me as I write. 2 are B30X's one a B30P. Mack museum had the build sheets on them; dual reduction rear axles. Thanks for writing.
  8. I saw one pulling a double (pretty common there) in Melbourne down by the beach. It had that nice rack on the front like yours. On a somewhat unrelated topic: I received a wonderful packet from Mack Museum yesterday in response to a request for manuals etc. WOW a service manual, owners manual, records of when the chassis was put together and more .... Valuable documentation!! It will make things much easier to get these babies back on the road. Thanks for staying in touch.
  9. Cairnes, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairnes and long trip home. Did not get to the Western Territory. Met one couple from close to Perth. A wonderful trip.
  10. Yes. Walter Steele. Are you familiar with them?
  11. Sorry, I must be slow. What is the context of where you are to find the arrows and the albums?
  12. The picture is one of the trucks I bought, but the picture was taken in 1961. I bought 3 at one time, all B30 dumps. One is rougher than the other 2 but all have good metal. They went out of service around 1964. I plan to clean one up first and use it, not restore, but keep original so if I do restore later it will be in good shape. If I have time I will clean up and protect the other 2. Thinking of body work, paint, windows and seals in good shape. Did I see you are from Australia? Just got back from a vacation there. Wonderful!
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