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  1. original eng was6 cyl turbo cummins air cleaner r/ hand side. 2 nd engine 8 v 71 gm air cleaner l/ hand side 3rd engine turbo 420 cummins air cleaner r/side. regards des. i will post more photos.
  2. Hi mate, as far as know the guy that i purchased the b85 from had the head lights fitted i think 180B international that was back in the late 60s . Regards Des
  3. 1959 b 85sx3 420 cummins it blows smoke and barks
  4. a little while back i saw someone asking if there is any b85 tractors in answer to this question yes i have the only one in Australia note: it was green when i bought it in 1980 then i sold it then 30 years later i tracked it down and bought it it has a 420 hp cummins and it sounds awesome and it pulls like a school boy....
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